May 07 2016

Hey there! Here I am catching up with my monthly list of things I loved. I intentionally skipped February because it was a bit short on faves, I was feeling sick during the beginning of the year and hardly had time to go out and smell the flowers. March and April have been much sweeter, and with no further ado, I will let you know why ;)


oysters and champagne in la Provence

Fishermen day at Carro Martigues France

sunset view from our Cabanon's terrace

May was such a busy month, that I hardly had time to keep up with the blog. June got better; so here are those remarkable experiences that highlighted these two months.


Stone fruits, strawberries, cherries and other summer treats appeared on early May, we took advantage of that abundance making jams. Strawberry-rhubarb, apricot-kiwi, nectarine-vanilla and even a Rhum arrangé (fruit infused rum) with nectarines, spices, and kumquats from my tree. :)

Impromptu aperitifs at mythic Cercle de St-Pierre, aka Cercle de (pêcheurs) de Carro, a members-only sort of club that has a legendary fame in Marseille region. We indulged over the best ever fried sardines and ballons de rosé.

Tuna steak, chips, sea & sun at Provençal contre le cancer by Fêtes de Carro team. Also barbec, rosé,  longue games (like Petanque but more complicated) and and sea activities to support the fight against cancer.


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LMP concept store vitrine

Morocco's coastal city, formerly known as Mogador

March marked our last days living in Marrakech and our move to La Côte Bleue (France). Feelings are still unsettled. With every new city we pin on our expat life map, others challenges arise. I am still struggling trying to make this place my new home, but overall life is quite pleasant over here (and to live in a home by the Mediterranean sea does help ;) ).


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There was a lot of food and wine involved during those two long weeks where we unnoficially “opened” our pied-á-terre for friends and family. We ate unbelieveable amounts of grilled fish and seafood, which was freshly caught le jour/soir même. It is not by chance we choose Carro in South of France (Provence) as our french home. This tiny, cute village has nothing chic or overstated in its footprint, the only thing that makes it remarkable is its (also quite small) Marché de Poisson (fish market). Rumour has it, even famous three Michelin  star chefs such as Passedat come to this port from time to time to get his hands on some extraordinary oursins (sea urchins).


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June was a complicated moody month for me. During June we finally felt home in our apartment. There are still things to change or improve but we have learned one important thing during all these expat years: to have tons of patience.

June was a bit of a hazy month for me too. Way too hot days and nights that were spent doing the minimum of physical effort. But was also a month of late evenings spent at our terrace with a glass of rosé on hand.


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