Dec 14 2015

It’s only ten days from Christmas and we were getting a bit anxious about all the presents we want to offer to family and friends. One thing we would love to avoid is to hit stores and malls a day or two before the 24th (nightmare!) and in a very unseasonal competitive mood, fight over that last lousy, expensive and nonpersonal present for our close ones. So when the nice folks of  UncommonGoods, a cool site where you can choose from hundreds of creative, unique and artisanal gifts, asked if I would like to team up and create my ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, I looked through their immense supply of beautiful and meaningful objects and went a bit crazy choosing more than one pressie for my loves.

Hopefully, my selection inspires you enough to get that relevant object that will make someone very happy this Christmas, and if you don’t find your joy on this list, you can take a look here or here. ;)


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One of the many joys of experiencing any holiday season is the preparations ahead. In Mexico, Día de Muertos, which is (almost religiously) held every first and second of November, that joy is not an exception. I have so many sweet memories since my childhood of visits to markets with my Mom and sisters, where we would stock up on seasonal products. Calabaza (pumpkin), tejocotes (mex hawthorn) and guayaba (guava) for tachamole and chocolate from Oaxaca for our Ofrenda (my maternal grandpa was from Oaxaca); tamales nejospipian (pepita/green mole),  calaveritas (sugar skulls) labeled with my  four grandparents names, candles of all sizes and shapes and of course flores de cempazuchiy terciopelo to build up the petals caminos (ways) that will lead the Muertos (dead people) to their Altares.


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