Last time we were in Mexico, my friend JorgeFitz called and said: I want Regis and you to come to DF and spend a weekend at our  casa in La Roma neighborhood (their casa dates back from 1913!), he also added they (he & his hubby Alberto) were “slowly cooking” something very special and they wanted us to try and test that super secret project.


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One of the many joys of experiencing any holiday season is the preparations ahead. In Mexico, Día de Muertos, which is (almost religiously) held every first and second of November, that joy is not an exception. I have so many sweet memories since my childhood of visits to markets with my Mom and sisters, where we would stock up on seasonal products. Calabaza (pumpkin), tejocotes (mex hawthorn) and guayaba (guava) for tachamole and chocolate from Oaxaca for our Ofrenda (my maternal grandpa was from Oaxaca); tamales nejospipian (pepita/green mole),  calaveritas (sugar skulls) labeled with my  four grandparents names, candles of all sizes and shapes and of course flores de cempazuchiy terciopelo to build up the petals caminos (ways) that will lead the Muertos (dead people) to their Altares.


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