Feb 18 2017

sunset over the mediterranean sea

Many things have passed since my last entry. Some ok, some good and some really bad. You see, in my March and April favorites post of 2016 I shared with you the news about my pregnancy. At that time I was already at the end of my second trimester, and baby was planned to arrive by late August. However things weren’t as planned and I went to labour in mid July (33 weeks).


Jan 08 2015

walk like a marrakchi


There were highs and lows, like always. Yet it was a good year, but a very emotional one. I spent this year in between South of France, Marrakech, Mexico, back to France, then to Marrakech again to later fly for Hong Kong and Macau on a half biz half pleasure trip. Came back to Marrakech while still spending quelques weeks setting up our new home in La Côte Bleue. So, it took me more than usual to settle down in the Ochre City and it wasn’t until the end  of June that I was finally feeling home (but what a gorgeous, pinky, exotic city to call home, right?)

The perks of being a modern day gypsy.


Oct 12 2014

Had several short trips to Marseille, France. It was quite nice to enjoy the hospitality of my friends dj TiT & Cecile; in between appointments I took a lovely walk around the Vieux Port, made friends with some old fishermen, visited the amazing MUCEM and had a nice seafood lunch at Chef´s Gerald Passedat Le Môle.


June was a complicated moody month for me. During June we finally felt home in our apartment. There are still things to change or improve but we have learned one important thing during all these expat years: to have tons of patience.

June was a bit of a hazy month for me too. Way too hot days and nights that were spent doing the minimum of physical effort. But was also a month of late evenings spent at our terrace with a glass of rosé on hand.


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