Jun 09 2016

Another month that slippers like sand in between my fingers, of course, this time, I can blame all to my pregnancy and the extreme tiredness-sleepiness mood I am currently experiencing. Aside that, after seen that my not-so-frequent posting does not relate to the desire I have to share my feelings, findings and recipes, I´ve been thinking if I should focus on lighter (but still quality) content and maybe a remastered version of Monthly Favorites, something more of a weekly delivery with few best finds, or a whenever-I-have-something-new-to-share thingy. We’ll see.

In the meantime, here are some outstanding moments of May.


May 07 2016

Hey there! Here I am catching up with my monthly list of things I loved. I intentionally skipped February because it was a bit short on faves, I was feeling sick during the beginning of the year and hardly had time to go out and smell the flowers. March and April have been much sweeter, and with no further ado, I will let you know why ;)


Nov 11 2015

October started on a happy note, my niece A.M. was born on the first week of the month, although I’m already the proud auntie of two other adorable niece and nephew, the welcoming of a newborn baby girl in the family is with no doubt the happiest news I received lately. Also, I´m so proud of my sister F. who decided to give birth at her home with no other assistance than her doula, two extra loving and supportive friends, and obvs, her hubby. #sistapower


Oct 08 2015

A few months back I mentioned in my Instagram my desire to launch a new section devoted to Beauty and Wellness, in said articles I would write reviews, tips and (not-so-profound) reflections on today’s skin care, makeup  and well-being techniques and products , either deluxe or niche, traditional or alternative brands. Haute couture or petit prix, organic or vegan.

Today I want to talk about the motivations that made me take this decision. I know by your comments in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, that most of you are as excited as I am to start this lifestyle articles to make AromasnSabores fuller with choices, you know richer. :) So why I am doing this? Well, actually is a long story.


July August - aromasnsabores favorites

July was spent at Carro, our fishermen town at la Côte Bleue. Whilst August was in between la folie of hectic Marseille and la calme of  out-of-a-french-fairy-tale Luberon. Quite an experience for my first french holiday as a local. :)

How was your Summer?


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