Feb 05 2015

by Heidi Leon Monges

January Favorites

Carro Martigues surfers beach

Making hummus with Bezakelim

Chez Mado french restaurant in Gueliz Marrakech

What a beginning of the year we had, right? Not the brightest, smoothest one :(. On nicer news, personally speaking, this first month of 2015 has started quite active with lots of work, travels and projects that are inspiring me and making want for more of this twenty fifteen.

Let’s make a review of the positive things we discovered these past days.

fresh sea urchins from mediterranean sea

Port of Carro Martigues Cote Bleue France

VibeComida-VibeIsrael 2015

un autre monde graffitti gueliz Marrakech

time out marrakech 2015

plage de carro avec planchistes

January Bests

Magic carpet hunting at Marrakech’s souks with MarocMama and MarocPapa. We found the perfect Beni Ouarani rug to match our Cabanon’s living room. Our carpet seller and his family have been doing this for generations, the family has been quoted in serious books covering the merchants trail in Djemma el Fna; they are like royalty of the carpet world.

Birthday lunches at Chez Mado, a casual French eatery in Gueliz  that has become our thing. We celebrated my hubs birthday over a huge Seafood platter and a bottle of Moroccan gris wine.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends succeed. I was thrilled to discover Mandy Sinclair‘s name as one of the ace contributors of TimeOut Marrakech 2015. She’s the gal to follow to discover what’s cool in the Ochre City.

Post-Christmas holidays in our cabanon at South of France. It was cold, rainy and windy, yet we loved every second spent there. Watching surfers and kite-surfers has become my hobby, I want to try paddle surfing in Summer, any advice?

My 7-day trip to discover the culinary treasures of Israel alongside my Latino & Spanish blogger friends Clara, Layla, Bren and Txaber. So much to tell about this awesome opportunity to discover this young country, I will write several individual posts but as a starter let me tell you I left with a happy belly and heart. I still have dreams of all those falafels, hummus and rugelach we ate.

During that trip to Israel, I´ve met some amazing creative people in the fields of food, travel, communications and technology. One of the kindest people I encountered was food photographer Haim Yosef, who had the awful job of following our steps during our #VibeComida tour. When he’s not chasing moody food bloggers to get the perfect shot, he works on more serious personal projects. A solo exhibition of his work is on its way this Summer in Tel Aviv. His blog and website are full of exquisite food imagery.

I learned how to make Hummus from the best food blogger in Israel. Her name is Maya and she writes the utterly delicious blog Bazekalim. More on her and her sunny Tel Avivian apartment/studio soon. Hummus recipe also in the pipe.

Cooking and eating seafood like there is no tomorrow (remember, our home is by the sea). During this sojourn, we made Salade des poulpes de sable (sand baby octopus in salad), Bonito in court bouillon and of course we ate enormous amounts of Oursins de mer (sea urchins).

My friend Laylita offered me some chocolates. Le French husband and I, we were so happily surprised by the excellent quality of these bars. I am now a fan of Theo Chocolate, a certified from-bean-to-bar Organic, Fair Trade and Non-GMO brand. We tried the Orange 70% Dark Chocolate bar and it was just fantastic. #iheartchocolate

Silly selfies with my food bloggers friends Clara, Layla,  VibeIsrael‘s gorgeous Miss Rotem Wiesman and food critic Efrat  Enzel. (Bren and Txaber were too busy to pose with us ;) ).

We were interviewed for an Israeli website. Here’s the video.

All photos copyright Heidi Leon Monges, except selfies by Layla Pujol. Please don’t use without permission.

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