baked prune-apricot-speculoos

This baked dessert is a joy. A crowd’s pleaser with its soft, tender, almost confit summer fruit baked in its own juices, a bit of butter and sugar. Simple as that. Is also an ode to estival season: we’re on the peak of stone fruit production, so chances are you will get the juiciest, fragrantly prunes, apricots or whatever other stone fruit you choose, actually you can use n’importe quel fruit in season; such as figs, raspberries or mulberries to mention a few. If this intro is not good enough for you to turn on your oven, let me tell you it takes only five minutes to prep, a good hour to slowly bake (while you continue sipping some mocks & cocktails by the pool), and finally five more minutes to dress up and serve to table.


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making of mimosa cocktail classic with a twist

Mimosa Cocktail with stone fruit

Mimosa cocktail is one of those finds we tend to discover when we’re on our late teens or early twenties and we’re trying to find what chic, classy grown-ups ingest. At least, that’s how I remember Mimosas, a fruit and sparkling wine based drink that not only looks great as the ultimate hand accessory but it sort of goes well with all types of social gatherings. I must admit I have never being big fan of Mimosas, but since my french hubby loves his Champagne with fresh pressed orange juice just so much, I asked Madame Gaignon (aromas n’ sabores Sommelier advisor ;) ) what else could we do to give Mimosa a much-needed facelift.


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One of the things I love about traveling and living abroad is to discover old traditions from other countries . My dearest Karen has been without a doubt one of those persons which is always sharing fun  and interesting stories around wines, cocktails, spirits and cordials. Pimm´s No. 1 Cup is one of those newest additions, I loved not just the cocktail which is made by mixing Pimm´s liqueur with chopped fresh fruits and veggies and carbonated lemonade something I learned is a very british thing to do in summer. – Heidi


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Jun 16 2009

clafoutis is a french flan like made with fresh cherries

Gratitude: thanks: a feeling of being thankful to somebody for doing something.

I’m grateful for sunny days and white sandy beaches. Especially on weekends.
I’m grateful for this sweet life I got to live.
I’m so grateful for my family and friends all over the world (yes, that includes you!),
but especially I’m so grateful for my (pastry chef) boyfriend. He makes my sweet life even sweeter. Every day, with endless hugs and lovely (chocolate) kisses.
Sometimes with a clafoutis aux cerises too.

Moroccan peasant style sun hat

cherry stone summer fruit

My amazing boyfriend baked this clafoutis to thank Tante Suzanne for those wonderful big baskets filled with hand-picked cherries she let us *steal* from her cabanon garden. This cherry clafoutis might be the perfect way of saying Merci to those people who has just being there next to you always no matter what, like your life partner or that coworker who always shares the last cookie with you.

I can’t imagine a better way to say merci than with cherries!. And you?. What are you grateful for?. How do you say thank you?.

Oh, forgot. I’m so grateful I’m turning 35 tomorrow ;-)

Cherry clafoutis

Recipe by my frenchie

Makes 1 clafoutis (4 pers)

4 eggs
90 grs sugar
160 grs whipping cream
160 grs whole milk
1 pinch of salt
95 grs of whole wheat flour
65 grs unsalted melted butter
1 kg cherries

Preheat oven to 180 C/ 356 F. Butter and lightly sugar an 11-12 inch baking dish or a shallow pan. Toss in the cherries.
Mix (with a whisk) together the eggs and sugar. Slowly add the flour and salt, mix until smooth.
Slowly add the milk, cream and the melted butter. Whisk until smooth. Pour into the baking dish.
Bake for 35 minutes or until is cooked.

Note: traditional clafoutis have the full cherries, fruit and stone, nowadays people tend to do it without the pit. It’s your call.

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