Such a busy month! Lost of discoveries, visits from afar and new secret garden in Marrakech.


October Favorites

Solo walks in the Mellah neighborhood brought a fantastic Beldi style brekky, which has jumped to my ultimate faves & must-do in the ochre city. Tip: Search for old, small and crowded juice shops serving (aside fresh juices) all-day breakfast fare like khili eggs. While there also ask for msemen, atay & avocado juice.


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This past Saturday I joined a group of  ladies that got together to bring paniers (food gift baskets) to families in difficulty at one of Marrakech´s many duars (villages*). The idea behind offering these food baskets was to provide with the essentials of what a Marrakchi family needs to prepare and host their “ftour” (the breaking of fast during Ramadan).


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