One year is not enough to thoroughly know a city, but is better than a 3-day trip, especially when the destination is exotic Marrakech, where the simplest of things as taking a taxi, or crossing a street can become a nightmare. So, with exactly a year past since we moved from the Red City, I thought it would be nice to share with you those tips on the people, places, and food that stole our hearts.

Today we´ll take off with those hotels, riads, and restaurants that made the cut.


Jun 19 2015

Last year, when we were living in Marrakech, my friend Amanda from the popular food and travel blog MarocMama, invited me to experience first hand what her food tours are, a three hours guided walk where you eat the most representative Marrakchi & Moroccan food, which probably is completely different from all those fade, overcooked tagines you tried in your very fancy Moroccan-ish restaurant.


Mar 10 2015

Chabichic moroccan design brand styled by Heidi Leon Monges

Café des épices Marrakech photographed by Heidi Leon Monges

Le jardin restaurant in Marrakech's medina x Heidi Leon Monges

A little late, but we moved from Marrakech to South of France this past Thursday and we’re just settling in into our french home; so no much time for social. I´m writing  these lines thanks to our kind neighbor who’s sharing his wi-fi connection with us until we have our own. Thankful for nice voisins. :)


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Mar 04 2015

Just days before my departure to Israel, I received a lovely invitation to attend a lunch as a guest and discover the Winter Menu of La Table restaurant located at the stunning Royal Mansour . Before our chic déjeuner, we wandered through its  inner courtyards and gardens which in a very medina-like spirit hide the hotel 53 jaw-dropping private Riads and its dramatically ravishing Spa.

All Riads are fully customed with living rooms, dining space, kitchen (with butler and in-room service, bien sûr), bedrooms with classy dressings  and salle-de-bains, plus private solarium-terrace and plunge pool on the rooftop. Each secret gardens is decorated in a unique ambiance, having as the center, the  fascinating opulence of Moroccan design.


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