In January,  along 4 talented Spanish speaking food bloggers: Bren, Txaber, Clara and Layla, I traveled to Israel to discover the culinary roots, trends and scene of this young #startupnation. Cocooned by NGO VibeIsrael we attended an amazing array of food-ie related events, from (obviously) countless breakfasts, lunches, dinners; to cooking classes, wine and spirits tasting, bar hopping, and even a geek session with Israeli creatives and entrepreneurs working in the fields of food and internet.

One favorite  activity amongst my  Latino and Spanish blogger friends during our #VibeComida tour was with no doubt the visits to food markets. We wandered around the beautiful Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem (more on that in another post), the small but super cute sort-of wet market in Akko, and Levinsky market in Tel Aviv. I loved each one of them for different reasons, but Lewinksy stop was special, probably because all those surrounding Bauhaus/International style architecture,  but most certainly for the company.


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Feb 18 2013

I find markets are a wonderful way to understand a culture and its people. The colors, flavors, aromas and noises (or lack of them) awaken all of our senses and help us travel through emotions and feelings.  My first memory of a market is how much I liked when my mom bought us a fruit salad with honey and whipped cream in San Pedro de los Pinos market (I know, it was a sugar bomb, I know). I feel warmth when I think about the foamy hot chocolate in Oaxaca’s market and I still miss strawberry season and how the seller would look for the best avocados for the mexican girl (me) in my neighborhood market in Madrid.


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