Oct 06 2011

petit dej

steak tartare


Sometimes best things in live come late.

I´ve been visiting France and Paris if not quite often, at least every two years; being my french husband the number one reason for those trips. (Yeay for french husbands)

However, it was only until this recent trip to la Ville Lumière that I discovered my newest addiction and all my gluttonous self could think about while I was sipping that cup of perfect velvety chocolat chaud served on a small porcelain pitcher accompanied by “son petit pot de crème fouetté..” was:

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Sep 19 2011

gorges dyptich1

It has changed. Slightly, petit a petit, the weather feels pleasantly cooler. Nothing to be surprised if we consider we just recently celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival at this part of the world.

I say we should ignore the previous fact and we all should get on our swimsuits and embrace these last days of sunshine. I´m thinking to silly plouff and plaaff in a fancy casino swimming pool but to be honest any piscina will do.


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Sep 06 2011

la fare 2

fachada blurry

moi - volets

scheneider bw



This past week was la fête de la Sainte Rosalie. According to the legend, the fervor and devotion of les villageois to this sainte was the reason why le village of La Fare les Oliviers was spared from the monstrous peste during the 14th century (unlike neighboring town Salon-de-Provence who had a certain monsieur and medecin Nostradamus who although helped to fight la peste, lost several family members). and that is why every year my husband´s town celebrate their sainte giving to this occasion the level of fete anuelle de village


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