Feb 05 2015

by Heidi Leon Monges

Carro Martigues surfers beach

Making hummus with Bezakelim

Chez Mado french restaurant in Gueliz Marrakech

What a beginning of the year we had, right? Not the brightest, smoothest one :(. On nicer news, personally speaking, this first month of 2015 has started quite active with lots of work, travels and projects that are inspiring me and making want for more of this twenty fifteen.

Let’s make a review of the positive things we discovered these past days.

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Jan 14 2015

by Heidi Leon Monges

moroccan cookie corne de gazelle

writing recipe cornes de gazelle

cornes de gazelle before baking

Learning how to cook a foreign cuisine is always exciting. Learning how to cook that cuisine from a  local, is a unique lifetime experience. Imagine then, the pleasure and honor we had when we found out that our instructor has been making, mixing and shaping Moroccan pastries (by hand) for about thirty years. Malika is from a Berber village and  at Amal Association-Restaurant-Solidaire, where she works now,  she is sort of da female boss in the Moroccan kitchen (they also have a male chef with a formal training). For the past three or four Saturdays, she  has been teaching Amanda, Kate and myself the secrets of this refined  delicious edible art.

It ain’t easy.

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Jan 08 2015

by Heidi Leon Monges

walk like a marrakchi


There were highs and lows, like always. Yet it was a good year, but a very emotional one. I spent this year in between South of France, Marrakech, Mexico, back to France, then to Marrakech again to later fly for Hong Kong and Macau on a half biz half pleasure trip. Came back to Marrakech while still spending quelques weeks setting up our new home in La Côte Bleue. So, it took me more than usual to settle down in the Ochre City and it wasn’t until the end  of June that I was finally feeling home (but what a gorgeous, pinky, exotic city to call home, right?)

The perks of being a modern day gypsy.

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Jan 01 2015

by Heidi Leon Monges

salad of vegetables and brown rice

Personal fitness trainer Ludy Pottier pose for Heidi Leon Monges

Salade de riz integral avec avocado et feta

Three hundred sixty-five days to do better, to become what you want, to  start over.

Here’s to bright beginnings!.To happiness, love and health. And what better way to achieve all that than by loving yourself everyday?.  Ludy prepared this wild rice and veggies salad for our post-workout personal training session. We devoured said salad. We even had seconds, with no remorse. Try to make this, either for obtaining that body goal you have set for yourself or just because, is plain delicious. - Heidi

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