Sep 17 2015

by Heidi Leon Monges

I won’t even start trying to apologize about the fact that I´m posting a 2013 DF highlight until now. Let’s just assume I like to rest my thoughts, and be really, really sure about said opinions. I am that engaged with my blogging :)

In more serious tone, this small, and bit hidden restaurant in the borders of La Roma and La Condesa hip neighborhoods’ of Mexico city is a joy. I read many positive reviews from my fellow food bloggers and journalists friends back home, that when my friend Bere suggested Duo Salado y Dulce for tea, I knew I had to discover this place more deeply.

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Jul 14 2015

by Heidi Leon Monges

baked prune-apricot-speculoos

This baked dessert is a joy. A crowd’s pleaser with its soft, tender, almost confit summer fruit baked in its own juices, a bit of butter and sugar. Simple as that. Is also an ode to estival season: we’re on the peak of stone fruit production, so chances are you will get the juiciest, fragrantly prunes, apricots or whatever other stone fruit you choose, actually you can use n’importe quel fruit in season; such as figs, raspberries or mulberries to mention a few. If this intro is not good enough for you to turn on your oven, let me tell you it takes only five minutes to prep, a good hour to slowly bake (while you continue sipping some mocks & cocktails by the pool), and finally five more minutes to dress up and serve to table.

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Jul 06 2015

by Heidi Leon Monges

oysters and champagne in la Provence

Fishermen day at Carro Martigues France

sunset view from our Cabanon's terrace

May was such a busy month, that I hardly had time to keep up with the blog. June got better; so here are those remarkable experiences that highlighted these two months.


Stone fruits, strawberries, cherries and other summer treats appeared on early May, we took advantage of that abundance making jams. Strawberry-rhubarb, apricot-kiwi, nectarine-vanilla and even a Rhum arrangé (fruit infused rum) with nectarines, spices, and kumquats from my tree. :)

Impromptu aperitifs at mythic Cercle de St-Pierre, aka Cercle de (pêcheurs) de Carro, a members-only sort of club that has a legendary fame in Marseille region. We indulged over the best ever fried sardines and ballons de rosé.

Tuna steak, chips, sea & sun at Provençal contre le cancer by Fêtes de Carro team. Also barbec, rosé,  longue games (like Petanque but more complicated) and and sea activities to support the fight against cancer.

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Jun 27 2015

by Heidi Leon Monges

making of mimosa cocktail classic with a twist

Mimosa Cocktail with stone fruit

Mimosa cocktail is one of those finds we tend to discover when we’re on our late teens or early twenties and we’re trying to find what chic, classy grown-ups ingest. At least, that’s how I remember Mimosas, a fruit and sparkling wine based drink that not only looks great as the ultimate hand accessory but it sort of goes well with all types of social gatherings. I must admit I have never being big fan of Mimosas, but since my french hubby loves his Champagne with fresh pressed orange juice just so much, I asked Madame Gaignon (aromas n’ sabores Sommelier advisor ;) ) what else could we do to give Mimosa a much-needed facelift.

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