Jul 09 2010

sprouted lentils

Yesterday in the morning, while I was drinking my first glass of warm water with a slice of lemon and while I was flipping through the pages of a French Magazine, I saw this phrase, which captivated me: Surprendre, me surprendre, être surprise.

I decided to make it mon mantra du jour because I strongly believe that we should never stop our ability dêtre surpris (been surprised). Just like children do. So, solemnly I promised myself to be aware and notice all new details, small or big, passing in front of me.


Apr 29 2008

This blog has been created with nothing but good intentions.

My idea is not quite clear about what this blog should be, but I know is about sharing with you my thoughts. Most of the times will be about food, but this is not just a food blog.

Since my husband, Regis, and I live away from our home countries and away from our families and friends, this blog is also a photo memoir that allow us to keep them updated of our sometimes not so boring expat vida loca. Please, keep that in mind. Be kind.

Most of the times will be in English (broken English… hem… sorry) but others when my heart & soul scream out for Spanish I will do it in my mother tongue. Or worse, could be in Spanglish, splashed & sprinkled withFrañol and Chinglish. Don’t blame me, blame globalization (besides is a terrific oportunity to practice that sexy & exotic foreign language, lectores queridos).

At aromas&sabores you will find fun recipes, amazing travel adventures  or unique eating out experiences, plus loads of photos and stories about the expat life but mostly and basically you will find here what’s been through my mind those days. Could be culinary, could be my most deep and philosophical thoughts. Who knows. Expect the unexpected.

So do as I do, sit in your favorite couch, grab a bunch of fresh homemade cookies and a nice cup of warm coffee or tea and read it. Enjoy it. Savour it.

¡Bienvenidos a mi cocina!

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