Nov 18 2012

Yes. We´re throwing a lil virtual firecrackers and lion dance offering to the Gods as we unveil Aromas&Sabores new home! As you can see, this casa is quite big, bright and oh-so-pretty. We´re very much looking forward to stay in this lovely brand new domain for many, many years; although frankly without friends and readers it won´t be fun at all. So I´m expecting to hear some noise from your side as well. Is that a mexican ola?


Oct 01 2012


This has been the longest silence at Aromas&Sabores. Sorry for that. I have been traveling maybe a little too much this year and also, thankfully, those freelance assignments are more frequent.


Jul 21 2012

baguette et fromage 1 - flickr

Possibly the best food marriage ever and a sort of french Holy Trinity when paired with wine.  Oui, the epitome of produits de qualité of the food Mecca.

One of the many simple pleasures I get when I visit a different environment is to eat and buy the local produces and for that matter La France´s markets are like a kids´candy store. The amount of fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables and artisan foods like cheeses, charcuteries, honeys and condiments is remarkable.


Feb 17 2012

avocados copy

Being a Mexican chica, I was, since an early age, feed and nurtured on an almost daily diet of aguacates (Spanish word for avocados).  Either as the main ingredient in dishes like guacamole, or the crowning topping of excellence for all sorts of mexican antojitos and home recipes: sopes, tostadas, tortas (sort of sandwich) and arroz a la mexicana; avocados are the omnipresent ingredient in our food.


Jan 14 2012

the worker

the bride

This past tuesday (or was it wednesday?) I lift my eyes up to the sky, it was quite clear; then I checked and double checked this site and I realized that sunny day would be probably the last one for in at least 2 weeks. So, I quickly changed my plans for that day and instead of some paperwork and emails that I had to fill and reply I gave myself a mini-me picnic time at the park.

Completely inspired by my healthy lifestyle resolutions I assembled a vegetables wrap in no time. An apple and an freshly pressed oj  came alone as well.


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