Feb 18 2013

I find markets are a wonderful way to understand a culture and its people. The colors, flavors, aromas and noises (or lack of them) awaken all of our senses and help us travel through emotions and feelings.  My first memory of a market is how much I liked when my mom bought us a fruit salad with honey and whipped cream in San Pedro de los Pinos market (I know, it was a sugar bomb, I know). I feel warmth when I think about the foamy hot chocolate in Oaxaca’s market and I still miss strawberry season and how the seller would look for the best avocados for the mexican girl (me) in my neighborhood market in Madrid.


Hola amigos. KUNG HEI FAT CHOI!. Happy Chinese New Year!. We are starting the year of the water snake with our third monthly collaboration; one I am delighted to share with you all, my dear Singaporean friend Juliana Loh, a seasoned marketing and social media consultant and creative writer will be posting some of her cherished Asian recipes. For this collab, Jules will be cooking while I will style and photograph the process. Hope you all love this new contribution.

Let´s go!.

My first collaboration with my food adventure partner in crime Heidi of Aromas&Sabores who’s kindly taken me under her wings to teach me the ropes of making food pictures look nice through styling, lighting and photography!

This Chinese New Year falls on Feb 10, the year of the water snake, which the almanacs and horoscopes seem to say good things about!

This is one of the earliest recipes I learnt from my Mother as a child and she repeatedly says the most important thing is the seasoning and marinate and always taste to intuitively adjust the flavours. This version here is my mother’s own Singaporean recipe, very similar to the Hong Kong wonton (馄饨 húntun in Mandarin) version which also includes fresh shrimps to the filling mix. The full shrimps filling ones are called 水饺 shuî jîao in Mandarin,pronounced sui kow in Cantonese- and always comes with a bowl of soup.


Jan 21 2013

We have a new fun spin on Aromas&Sabores. Starting from today we will share a couple of ace collaborations from a unique group of creatives, colleagues and friends that have just so much to share about their work and lives. We´re hoping these contributions will spark and encourage your talents. Our first Co+lab is from a very dear friend of mine, Miss Daniela Pacheco, an expert family portrait photographer. Please, give her a warm welcome!.

Hello Aromas & Sabores readers! Oh, I’m so honored that my talented friend and colleague Heidi has invited me to participate and collaborate in her wonderful blog, this opportunity is both exciting and a huge responsibility for me.

So far I’ve written only a little about my experiences while developing my business as a family portrait photographer in my blog. I love it because I’m able to share a little about me and what I get to experience while working with wonderful families but there is a lot about my life outside my job that I don’t get to share. This collaboration means to me a huge space to share my other passion, where most of my resources go, what I dream and plan for. Travel!!!


Nov 26 2012

Senado Square is possibly after Saint Paul´s Ruins the most photographed and visited touristic spot in our tiny Ville Casino. With that, of course, comes plenty of disagreeable experiences like massive crowds, noise and all sorts of contamination. Yes, to tell you the truth that little square can be become an unbearable hell.

It can also be a quiet calm paradise if you know how and when to visit it. And it so worth it because Senado Square holds just so much history. History that will tell you, if you are eager and patient to listen, so many stories about how Macau and (modern) East was created.


Nov 18 2012

Yes. We´re throwing a lil virtual firecrackers and lion dance offering to the Gods as we unveil Aromas&Sabores new home! As you can see, this casa is quite big, bright and oh-so-pretty. We´re very much looking forward to stay in this lovely brand new domain for many, many years; although frankly without friends and readers it won´t be fun at all. So I´m expecting to hear some noise from your side as well. Is that a mexican ola?


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