One more time folding clothes into their tiniest version to hopefully make fit all into a 23 kg suitcase but this time as much as I adore to travel, well, I´m exhausted. You know, I have been literally living in a suitacse for the last 9 months so finally reached my limits. I want a home. Gratefully, we´re in the right direction to that.


Without a home the idea of a kitchen is just a remote memory.

So, how about to share some news and my March faves?


I made up a lil Christmas gift guide with tons of mexican flare for you all. Many, many times, friends and readers all over the world ask me to recommend them what to buy, do or eat while in my muy delicioso country. Most of those times, I find difficult to put up an inmediate perfect list while others, is just impossible to explain what achiote looks and taste like. So here´s my list. Whenever I travel to my hometown I make sure to pack  some of these cuties when is time to fly away.


Oct 12 2013

Two weeks ago I was invited by Chef Lynda Balderas to join a private tour offered to some big potatoes in order to promote the installation of a Ruta del Arroz in Jojutla, Morelos, México; which if implemented will not only bring a new foodie tourism segment in the region but will help campesinos to market in a more effective way their excellent product, boost the local economy and improve the quality of life of these hardworking men, women and their families.


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