May 15 2012

peanut butter cenital fl

cookdough - fl

This is the type of recipe that you bake precisely on the day previous to your Bali trip because you just cant help it. What the hell the diet and that tiny bikini. You want and deserve cookies.

The same type of recipe that you don´t mind to spend your precious time in food styling, photographing and writing down a decent (according to you) blog post even if that means arrive to your dreamy destination on sleep deprived mode. The very same recipe/post that you schedule to be published once you arrive to paradise just to discover that instead of scheduling it, you humm, deleted it…


chipotle cream2 - fl

Cinco de Mayo celebrations, which are big in USA (especially amongst Mexican-Americans and Latino communities) are the result of transculturalization. In other words, although it is a public holiday that commemorates la Batalla de Puebla (Puebla´s battle) where the Mexican army defeated the French invaders, in Mexico we rarely celebrate that day.

That does not means we cannot feel a little bit festive and have an (even higher) oh-so-mexican-spirit today, so I decided to share with you a modern interpretation of our classic tacos de pescado (fish tacos) that you will be able to replicate no matter where you live.


Apr 15 2012


Recipes tend to evolve with time. Yet some of them remain the same. Others are touch-less and timeless. Carbonara, being such a simple recipe with few ingredients is one that hasn´t changed much; although I´m not Italian and I have never eaten Spaghetti alla Carbonara in Italy so you can debate my version.


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