If for any strange reason I would be in a situation where I am obliged to choose only one baked goods recipe or one breakfast item  to bake/eat for the rest of my life, that will be this Banana bread. And I mean it, not just any banana bread but exactly this recipe.

I have been making this simple but oh-so-delicious quick bread since I was on my early twenties (uhm, yesterday, right?) and with the confidence of all these years baking this same recipe over and over, I can assure you there´s no one who doesn´t falls for it.


chicken avocado salad1-fl

Chicken and avocado are a great match. Just like limes and tequila, they get alone muy bien.

Although this is a super duper easy recipe, I´m sharing with you the directions but by all means use this just as an starting point. And speaking of limes since I had a couple of those in my fridge at that time, I choose to use them to enhance and add a bit of tartiness to my creamy dressing.


Jun 02 2012

pink slushies - fl

Hey friends, this will be a shorty recipe post. Not much time to talk (well, write) although there is so much to tell. Do you get the idea?. Well, in short I´m quite busy preparing myself for some exams on a fascinating subject: Macau´s (World) Heritage Sites and at the same time trying to organize everything for our almost confirmed 2012 summer holidays. Yes, totally torned between work and pleasure!. So do me a favor and keep those fingers crossed for me to pass the exam and get on that plane.


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