For my hubs to make tarts during his summer holidays is definitely a let`s-just-have-fun-while-we-throw-some-ingredients-together sort of thing. And by ingredients he means, fresh produce from the region, which in all these occasions has been in his beloved Provence. So, every time we have a summer celebration during our french hols, he bakes quelques tartes, one or two for the party-gatherings we have to attend and another pour-le-dejeuner.

You gotta love the seriousness of frenchies regarding food  :)

Either with local abricots or fraises, he will make something fantastic. This summer, he indulged us with Garriguettes & Framboises  tarte, and a Figues d`été  tarte (early summer harvest figs); la winner was with no doubt la tarte aux figues.


Are you having fun?. I am! Yesterday on a very last min (you know, a la mexicana), my friend and one of our awesome contributors,  Juliana & I got together to stir up a lil mex storm. Despite the fact that 5 de Mayo is a Mexican-now-turned-into-a-Mexican-American holiday and therefore lots of connationals have strong opinions on how our neighbors-del-norte celebrate this date, I love the media coverage towards Mexican culture and specially to our food; and since I don´t want to lecture you on what is right or wrong about this day, I think is best to show you how those Mex-pats like me `honor´it…as always with tons of good food and one (or two bottles) of Tequila… (if only I had Mezcal in hand too…).

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Hello everyone, here is our second installment of the regular contributions we started last week. This monthly section will be a collab between my friend Madame Karen Gaignon, a  super talented  french sommelier and myself. While Karen will be sharing some exclusive cincin hour recipes for our site I will pair them with some simple and easy savory  or  sweet recipes of amuse bouches, entrées or main dishes that will perfectly marry with K´s creations.

Shall we start?.


Dec 11 2012

Hey friends. This promise to be a busy week for me with some Startle’s (Forbes Online Guide) articles deadlines, as since a couple of months ago, I am one of their Macau correspondents ;-) + the hunt of Christmas & B-day presents for the hubby and several end-of-the-year gatherings. Considering that I wouldn´t have much free time during this week, I occupied part of my weekend storing my fridge with healthy ingredients that could end up on a quick but satisfying meal.

I also baked a Pineapple upside down cake (recipe coming) and made this lovely and heart comforting lentil soup, recipe by the one and only Miss Swanson.


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