April came and went like a fine unnoticed breeze.

I started the month in Mexico City to shortly after finding myself on another transcontinental flight to  South of France. We spent lovely days visiting  La Cote Bleue´s  cute fishermen towns with landscapes and life scenes worthy of a picturesque novel. Two weeks later we were packing again, this time for our move to Marrakech, of which I already told you about here.


Mar 23 2012

millet muffin and jasmine tea

home made brioche toast and earl grey tea

banana nut bagel with coffee 1


There are few things that make my mornings more enjoyable. Waking up late, a warm kiss on the cheek while still tucked in bed, blue skies & breakfasts.



Jan 06 2012


I´m really hoping you are starting this year with the right foot. Over here things are slowly getting into place, meaning that I am just until now realizing, accepting and working on this new year.

I also wish I could give you a recipe today but that will have to wait until next week; although I purposedly did not prepare any 2011 best hits post that does not mean I haven´t been thinking about this  blog and the small community of friends and readers we have created. To be honest I avoid to think on how many people from so many different countries and cultures read this blog because that fact just surpasses my imagination.


Dec 29 2011

christmas tree

tea pot - stir fried


hanged clothes

Holidays´ celebrations started quite early for us this year, we have had a non-stop social gatherings  which I cannot complain about and Christmas Eve/Day were not the exception.

I meet up with Juliana for a casual lunch over noodles and pork chop but seeing that the eatery Miss Loh recommended was closed we opted for your typical all-sorts-of-chinese-esque-touristy-restaurant in Rua da Cunha or more commonly know as the sweet´s street. (I think my new love is  stir fried french beans à la chinese)



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