May 07 2016

Hey there! Here I am catching up with my monthly list of things I loved. I intentionally skipped February because it was a bit short on faves, I was feeling sick during the beginning of the year and hardly had time to go out and smell the flowers. March and April have been much sweeter, and with no further ado, I will let you know why ;)


While browsing through the zillion photos I snapped during the #VibeComida trip in Israel early this year, I bumped into those of our last day in Tel Aviv. We had a wonderful light brunch at Manta Ray, an iconic restaurant founded by Avi and Ofra Ganor, the food power couple that are an institution in TLV’s gourmet scene. After spending seven days experiencing (aka mostly eating our way through) Israel’s classic street dishes and modern upscale creations, that last day my taste buds and belly were overstimulated and just plain tired.


Jan 08 2015

walk like a marrakchi


There were highs and lows, like always. Yet it was a good year, but a very emotional one. I spent this year in between South of France, Marrakech, Mexico, back to France, then to Marrakech again to later fly for Hong Kong and Macau on a half biz half pleasure trip. Came back to Marrakech while still spending quelques weeks setting up our new home in La Côte Bleue. So, it took me more than usual to settle down in the Ochre City and it wasn’t until the end  of June that I was finally feeling home (but what a gorgeous, pinky, exotic city to call home, right?)

The perks of being a modern day gypsy.


Month after month, they are all just passing by so fast that I feel like I haven´t accomplished much of my goals in any front. That includes this  creative space but sometimes you gotta do what you can with what you have (or something like that). I started this fifth month commuting; as pretty much of this 2014 has been. We went from our temporary “home”; that stunning and magnificient La Mamounia  Palace hotel to our humble but lovely and down to earth apartment which we love.


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