Mar 10 2015

Chabichic moroccan design brand styled by Heidi Leon Monges

Café des épices Marrakech photographed by Heidi Leon Monges

Le jardin restaurant in Marrakech's medina x Heidi Leon Monges

A little late, but we moved from Marrakech to South of France this past Thursday and we’re just settling in into our french home; so no much time for social. I´m writing  these lines thanks to our kind neighbor who’s sharing his wi-fi connection with us until we have our own. Thankful for nice voisins. :)


Jan 08 2015

walk like a marrakchi


There were highs and lows, like always. Yet it was a good year, but a very emotional one. I spent this year in between South of France, Marrakech, Mexico, back to France, then to Marrakech again to later fly for Hong Kong and Macau on a half biz half pleasure trip. Came back to Marrakech while still spending quelques weeks setting up our new home in La Côte Bleue. So, it took me more than usual to settle down in the Ochre City and it wasn’t until the end  of June that I was finally feeling home (but what a gorgeous, pinky, exotic city to call home, right?)

The perks of being a modern day gypsy.


Dec 29 2014

O Mammy Burger - Best burger in Marrakech

Hand made poterie at Bab Khemis Marrakech


Well, we’re there. At the bottom end of 2014 but still enjoying the last days of December. So let’s get grateful and acknowledge what made of this month a fantastic one.


Dec 09 2014

November. How did that happen?.

I have no idea but I´m sort of happy because it was one of those hard-to-bite months where due to a medical treatment I had zero energy nor willing to do a thingy. But in the other hand it wasn’t that bad either, hey, look at that gorgeous landscape which is just about 15 minutes by car from our apartment.


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