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La rentrée could be understood as the French equivalent to the English language expression “back to school”, yet, it symbolizes more than going back to l’école. You´ll see, during les vacances d’été (summer holidays, which comprises both July and August), everyone is en congé (vacation), from the president of the country (actually President Macron spent his summer holidays in Marseille), to the boulangerie next door, so every person close his/her business and just chill.


Jun 09 2016

Another month that slippers like sand in between my fingers, of course, this time, I can blame all to my pregnancy and the extreme tiredness-sleepiness mood I am currently experiencing. Aside that, after seen that my not-so-frequent posting does not relate to the desire I have to share my feelings, findings and recipes, I´ve been thinking if I should focus on lighter (but still quality) content and maybe a remastered version of Monthly Favorites, something more of a weekly delivery with few best finds, or a whenever-I-have-something-new-to-share thingy. We’ll see.

In the meantime, here are some outstanding moments of May.


May 07 2016

Hey there! Here I am catching up with my monthly list of things I loved. I intentionally skipped February because it was a bit short on faves, I was feeling sick during the beginning of the year and hardly had time to go out and smell the flowers. March and April have been much sweeter, and with no further ado, I will let you know why ;)


One year is not enough to thoroughly know a city, but is better than a 3-day trip, especially when the destination is exotic Marrakech, where the simplest of things as taking a taxi, or crossing a street can become a nightmare. So, with exactly a year past since we moved from the Red City, I thought it would be nice to share with you those tips on the people, places, and food that stole our hearts.

Today we´ll take off with those hotels, riads, and restaurants that made the cut.


Feb 10 2016

My other half turned 40 at the beginning of the year. It was such a milestone for him (well, for us)  so we decided to organize a casual get together at our cabanon´s garage where we gathered his bff (from kindergarten to newest additions). Our friend Laurent made an absolutely delicious Paella, Sebastian played DJ, and Sylvain brought a couple of cases of the sublime wine he makes here in La Provence. Basically, it was a celebration of love.

Here are other highlights of the month.


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