Sep 22 2011

casitas row



This past week our saturday and sunday took place on sunday and monday.

The life of Hospitality people.

During those days we took advantage of the nice cool weather and took our little scouter to wander around the peninsula and the islands. Sunday, after working out (Regis started to train for MO´s half marathon and I did my yoga) we began the day with a visit to Miramar in Coloane, which I can assure has become our weekend ritual. That restaurant may not be the prettiest in town but the sea view and the mouthwatering food make for it. Also, I might be living in Macau for too long but I think that look of old rusty rustic house has a certain charm.


Aug 21 2011

spoon and fork


lamps - chairs



A few weeks ago I shoot  a food and interiors photo session for Macau Closer  (a bilingual – Chinese and English – Lifestyle and Arts magazine) for their monthly Restaurant Review section, wittily written by David Wong. This month´s  subject was Porto de Macau, that, as the title of the article states is a take on ¨new flavor, (with) familiar surroundings¨.


Aug 08 2011

dumbo insta

insta texmex collage

This past friday I found myself lusting Mexican food terribly bad. So, although I know how awful are the reinterpretations of my country´s cuisine abroad, I walked under an inclement summer sun towards the one and only texmex restaurant in Macau. As usual, the experience was an unpleasant one. I felt robbed, mocked; and ended my long wished meal with a heavy heart just to think people (read chinese people and gweilos) could ever believe Mexican Gastronomy equals bad, real bad burritos and hard shell tacos made with canned beans and cheap pseudo mozza-cheddar (which btw, we don´t eat those things back home).


Jul 04 2011


collage feria


For an strange reason totally away of my understanding by suggestion of my beau pere we drove almost two hours direction Beaucaire to lunch over couscous marrocain. More strangely, after eating that hot, mild spicy dish that has made its way to the french tables,  I had to agree that although a long ride, it was worth every single mile ( the greenery, the wheat fields and those gorgeous oleanes make it even nicer).


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