Nov 16 2011

lisboa copy

Few weeks ago I received a visitor from Shanghai, we agreed on sightseeing and lunch. After picking her up at the hotel lobby where she was staying, we took bus 33 from Taipa to Largo do Senado (Senado Square) which is somehow the heart of this small but enchanting city.

On this occasion we did what I like to call Macau´s landmarks: Old and New tour. The basics. We walked by the lovely Senado Square with its portuguese colonial buildings, the  tiny market,  traditional chinese medicine  shops and litte cafés towards St. Paul´s ruins which is THE landmark of the city, afterwards we did a quick visit to the Fort-Museum to later continue our walk around downtown passing by old rotten and forgotten architectural beauties, tiny temples and majestic churches.


rebozo and bread

I should have known this self-imposed task of setting an altar or ofrenda de muertos (Day of the dead altar)  abroad (specifically in the Far East) was una idea muy loca. Yet, my heart and all my mexicanity told me I just had to.

Although it was impossible to find those calaveritas (sugared sculls), flor de cempazuchil (marigolds)  or papel picado banners to adorn my small but heart felted offering; I continued my quest to bring Mexico and its traditions to our sweet Macau home. I think we could say I took the minimal and modern approach on this. Yet, I am pleased with the result and I love the way how nuestra casa just feels different with this temporal folk-ish installation.


Oct 06 2011

petit dej

steak tartare


Sometimes best things in live come late.

I´ve been visiting France and Paris if not quite often, at least every two years; being my french husband the number one reason for those trips. (Yeay for french husbands)

However, it was only until this recent trip to la Ville Lumière that I discovered my newest addiction and all my gluttonous self could think about while I was sipping that cup of perfect velvety chocolat chaud served on a small porcelain pitcher accompanied by “son petit pot de crème fouetté..” was:

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