Apr 05 2012



aparthe(s) food


Come in. Food is fantastic was what a regular customer told me when I first sat my foot on En Aparthé(s); and when a local, especially a french one tells you that; you just can´t skip the recommendation.

That particular day I was on a solo walk tour around Salon de Provence´s centre ville and while I was passing by Victoria Snack, I saw this very inviting and cozy place that completely caught my eye.  Even thought after the nice stranger´s suggestion I was still hesitant of having a light meal or not; after I met and chatted with Laurence; En Aparthé(s) adorable owner, I j knew I had to stay and enjoy the food and the ambiance.


Jan 28 2012



kafka chef bw

Consider this a mini version of the EATING OUT  series, a sort of small bites thing. Kafka Sweets & Gourmandises is a new coffee in Taipa island and as any recently opened f&b operation, it is still fine tuning details. However its unusual (for this city) sleek and minimalist design, the communal table and an enthusiast staff obliged me to give it a shoot out.


Jan 19 2012

heirloom logo




heirloom /ˈe(ə)rˌlo͞om
1. A valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations
2. Heritage – inheritance
3. Something of special value handed on from one generation to another

This particular Heirloom it´s not a cafe, and its not fine dining. It´s an eatery. That is the leit motif  of mexican Ashton Winkler & Indonesian Vivian Herijanto, co-owners and chefs of this lovely newish secret garden. To make you feel home at their intimate, enthralling and stylish little corner where everything exudes coolness. Pura buena vibra as we would say back home.


Dec 29 2011

christmas tree

tea pot - stir fried


hanged clothes

Holidays´ celebrations started quite early for us this year, we have had a non-stop social gatherings  which I cannot complain about and Christmas Eve/Day were not the exception.

I meet up with Juliana for a casual lunch over noodles and pork chop but seeing that the eatery Miss Loh recommended was closed we opted for your typical all-sorts-of-chinese-esque-touristy-restaurant in Rua da Cunha or more commonly know as the sweet´s street. (I think my new love is  stir fried french beans à la chinese)



Dec 17 2011


To be honest this Pastry Shop with an ultra modern design was not on my list of Incortournables because as you can see on previous VG  Editions I have a fondness for old school Pâtisseries. So, yes I think we can say in terms of pastries and desserts I heart vintage (and pedigree).

However I ended up at this sort of ultra-minimal-meets-girly-pink cake shop when Cristina Lasarte (from Buenos Aires to Paris food blog) proposed their cozy and  zen salon de thé for the setting of a short but heart felted rencontre. As hundreds of other food writers and bloggers Cristina and I have an online friendship but wasn´t until this past June that we had the chance to finally meet each other. And so we did. We talked about family, expat life, our home countries and of course la Ville Lumière et les Gourmandises!. (As a side note I must say meeting someone from your online world on the real world is a quite bizarre but fun experience. I was so nervous when I first meet her!)


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