Aug 05 2013

My friend Juliana Loh is one of the best “rencontres” that has happened in my Macau life. She is one energetic, goal driven lady that always pushed me to obtain my goals. She is also a great food walks partner. A couple of weeks ago (okay, like one month ago) we got together for an early local breakie at one of her fave home-made tofu-noodle shops located in one of the cutests streets that surrounds Sanmalo (the heart of the city). With happy bellies we continued our promenade to later do some antique shopping (you always need a dozen of vintage glasses, right?) and a short stop at an art gallery that was showing some interesting mapping art work by Pedro Besugo, Portuguese designer/painter .


Dec 05 2012

The history of Chá (tea) is one that goes hand in hand with the history of the East. A precious leaf with so many invigorating but at the same time intoxicating powers that played an important role (the trading of tea)  on the social & political atmosphere of certain countries. India comes to my mind.

How this product traveled all the way from Asia to the rest of the world is a journey that frankly leaves me speechless. Some special tree leaves that made people, countries go crazy and develop new trading routes by land or sea just to have it (and sell it of course).


May 14 2012

table and coffee pot - fl

table and chairs-fl


This past Wednesday, my friend and classmate C. and I did a short exploration around St. Joseph´s square. It was a fantastic idea (in our minds) but after walking a few streets we were in total dismay thanks to the glorious Roi Soleil who decided to embrace us with all his strength.


Apr 21 2012


nicoisehorizontal bw

ladies eating fl

bistro saleya

Chances are that when Alexandre Daune created Le Saleya, he never thought this charming casual bistro in Changle Lu would become a classic of Shanghai´s food scene.

A vast menu with the usual suspects as Salade Niçoise (shown above), quiches, salades vertes (grean leaf salads) or composées (whatever salad with something more than just leaves) and an always humble but well executed Daily Specials & Set Menus for lunch at very affordable prices, makes of this Restaurant a must try when craving comfort French fare in the Paris of the Orient.


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