Jan 29 2014

More often than not, readers, friends and connections, send emails asking my top recommendations for where to eat good and pas cher in Paris. That already is a paradox you may think, cheap good food in the City of Lights?. Well, happy to inform there are places in old Lutèce, where for a decent price you eat like a prince.

Here some of them.


Sep 12 2013

Some  Eating Out sessions are really hard to swallow but Maquette is totally sitting on the opposite side of the road. Not just the food was beauuutifully presented, tasty and served with love and care but also Maggie Chiang, Chef/Owner of this almost-secret spot in Taipa island is smart, knowledgeable and fun, making this session one that I deeply enjoyed.


Aug 13 2013

There´s been so much praise and craze about this modern bistro, that on our last trip to Paris, we decided to give it a try. Let me tell you one thing: Septime deserves all the glory that has received. If you are lucky enough to spend at least one day in the city of lights and you don´t want to sell an arm or any other vital organ of yours to eat very good food, this is the place.

We opted for a daytime visit instead of a more sophisticated dinner, since that leaved us with a longer time frame to freely enjoy la city (also, lunch menus are always more reasonable than dindin, which in such expensive city as Paris is always welcomed).


Aug 05 2013

My friend Juliana Loh is one of the best “rencontres” that has happened in my Macau life. She is one energetic, goal driven lady that always pushed me to obtain my goals. She is also a great food walks partner. A couple of weeks ago (okay, like one month ago) we got together for an early local breakie at one of her fave home-made tofu-noodle shops located in one of the cutests streets that surrounds Sanmalo (the heart of the city). With happy bellies we continued our promenade to later do some antique shopping (you always need a dozen of vintage glasses, right?) and a short stop at an art gallery that was showing some interesting mapping art work by Pedro Besugo, Portuguese designer/painter .


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