May 30 2012

warung made menu- fl

Once a surfers´ best kept secret (not for long, anyway), Padang-Padang is a white sandy beach with calm waters on the shore and yet some good quality waves. Although still beautiful, nowadays attracts a mix of foreigners tourists (mainly australian and european), locals and expats.


May 03 2012


lotus pond- fl


villa view fl

If I can resume my Bali experience in a sentence it might be something like what our friend D, a french DJ expat living in Kerobotan for more than 10 years, said to me when he saw my urgency to describe in words such a gorgeous island.


Mar 20 2012




snorkeling set

Last time we soaked our feet in the sea was at Mèjean in the Mediterranean coast and although it is a place we adore, to me, la mer must be a place with hot and humid weather. You know, the typical beach postcard cliché kind of place with gorgeous turquoise waters, thin white sand, palm trees and mucho sol.

These pictures are from our Mayan Riviera hols on 2010, particularly from Half Moon Bay at Akumal. A calm, shallow and slightly rocky beach with coral reefs and one of the few places where endangered green sea turtles regularly come to lay their eggs.


Feb 28 2012

el deseo




Either for Paques (Easter) or Summer,  chances are you´re planning your vacations. Wouldn´t it be wonderful to spend some sunshiny sluggish days in a charming and stylish solarium/pool deck  like this one in Playa del Carmen?.

Not because is my idea but I think it is kind of a fantastic one. We had the chance to give a short visit to this enchanting boutique hotel during our Riviera Maya hols of 2010. I loved how they put up such a calming and inviting environment using one main color as a theme and story; which evidently connects pretty well with mexican Caribbean ´s incredible turquoise sea.



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