Jan 29 2014

More often than not, readers, friends and connections, send emails asking my top recommendations for where to eat good and pas cher in Paris. That already is a paradox you may think, cheap good food in the City of Lights?. Well, happy to inform there are places in old Lutèce, where for a decent price you eat like a prince.

Here some of them.


Dec 05 2012

The history of Chá (tea) is one that goes hand in hand with the history of the East. A precious leaf with so many invigorating but at the same time intoxicating powers that played an important role (the trading of tea)  on the social & political atmosphere of certain countries. India comes to my mind.

How this product traveled all the way from Asia to the rest of the world is a journey that frankly leaves me speechless. Some special tree leaves that made people, countries go crazy and develop new trading routes by land or sea just to have it (and sell it of course).


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