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I´m Heidi Monges, a fourty-something MexFrench creative with a background in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management, although these days I find more joy working in the intersecting fields of culinary, arts and digital communications. I met my life partner Pastry Chef Regis Monges in 2001 and since then we have lived the nomad life firstly in Mexico City to soon after move to New York City, to further continue our vida loca in Shanghai and Macau. Later Regis had a short stint in Jeddah that was followed by sweet Marrakech, until in 2015 we decided to stop the expat life to install ourselves in the dreamy Côte Bleue where we live what I like to call #thatcabanonlife which is basically the simple french beachside life, where the Mediterranean and the mistral mark the mood of the day (and the ootd).

I started AnS in 2008 as a sort of life journal to share all the wonderful new places and cultures we were experiencing. As time passed, this journal evolved into a food and travel centric blog. Today AromasnSabores is finding a newer, fresher, sun-kissed skin that is strongly affected by the slow pace of the South of France’s lifestyle where local produce, and eco-friendlier choices have become major influences in our living and cooking. If you are new reader, you can discover more about our previous expat life here, our favorite food outings here, and travels here.

Our recipes are a reflection of our multicultural  background and lifestyle. We have plenty of Mexican recipes to treat you because those are the meals that for me represent best home. You will also find French and Mediterranean recipes from all the trips I have made to this region since my husband and I were dating, or from when we were living in Marrakech. There have been experimentations with gluten free or raw food because our main concern is to share with you healthy, delicious, easy to cook recipes to share with your loved ones.

Without you AnS doesn’t have much reason to be, so please join the conversation in the comments section,  send us an email telling us what you love about this blog or what you will want us to talk about. Find me on Instagram, discover more about my visual universe over Pinterest  or get chatty over Twitter  and Facebook.

All photography shown in AnS belongs to Heidi Monges (unless otherwise specified) and all are subject to copyright.Copyright  above foto: Haim Yossef