La rentrée

artist designer Myriam Balay home in France

La rentrée could be understood as the French equivalent to the English language expression “back to school”, yet, it symbolizes more than going back to l’école. You´ll see, during les vacances d’été (summer holidays, which comprises both July and August), everyone is en congé (vacation), from the president of the country (actually President Macron spent his summer holidays in Marseille), to the boulangerie next door, so every person close his/her business and just chill.

Therefore September marks the return to the daily routine of metro, boulot, dodo (subway as in commute, work, sleep), but luckily it also signifies new beginnings. A past mid-year opportunity to tune in whatever resolution or goal that frenchies have envisioned to obtain for the current year.

I also took my very own holidays from this blog, and they are lasting even longer than a good sun-kissed South of France’s summer. Actually, I am still en vacances (hubby and I won’t be officially back to work until mid-September, yeay to freelancing!), yet I think is time for AnS to have its own rentrée!

Here’s a preview:

decor blogger Ilaria Fatone photographed by Heidi Leon Monges

Eat with the blogger event Aix en Provence


Eat with the Blogger, an event created by Nannette Glorie and Juliana de Giacomi, two expats, bloggers and creatives that decided to give life to EWTB, a get together where decor, food, slow living, and France’s finest lifestyle bloggers converged. Doesn’t sounds lovely? I´m writing my experience of this event and you will be able to read about it soon.

 Salon Vivre Coté Sud an exposition that gathers la crème de la crème of lifestyle and decor brands. I will share with you the French and Mediterranean trends that are driving everyone crazy here in the hexagone, plus some of the brands that I got the chance to discover.

NÎMES. Because of my husband´s job (he’s a pastry chef now turned into a consulting pastry chef) I found myself twice in this city (some times I tag along to his biz trips). In my first visit we ended up attending the famous Feria, we witnessed a Corrida, and we had a super high society lunch in a beautiful maison bourgeoisie.

During my second visit, I hung out with French artist, designer, and photographer Miryam Balay, a person I deeply admire. For two days she showed me the best of foodie Nîmes. We visited le marché de producteurs (loved it), Les Halles (I went nuts with this place in my InstaStories), and we ate at Nîmes’ only (!!)  Le Fooding recommended restaurant. Needles to say but Myriam is just adorable. I did a photo shooting of her fantastic apartment. #cantwaittoshareitwithyou

In the meantime, while I fine tune those posts and drinking rosé simultaneously (hey, is still l’été here!), please enjoy some of the visuals of the coming stories.



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