Jun 09 2016

by Heidi Leon Monges

May favorites

Another month that slippers like sand in between my fingers, of course, this time, I can blame all to my pregnancy and the extreme tiredness-sleepiness mood I am currently experiencing. Aside that, after seen that my not-so-frequent posting does not relate to the desire I have to share my feelings, findings and recipes, I´ve been thinking if I should focus on lighter (but still quality) content and maybe a remastered version of Monthly Favorites, something more of a weekly delivery with few best finds, or a whenever-I-have-something-new-to-share thingy. We’ll see.

In the meantime, here are some outstanding moments of May.


Epicerie L’ideal at multicultural Noailles quartier in Marseille’s downtown area (just a few minutes from Old Port). Owned by Julia Samut, a former food journalist,  this epicerie fine not only offers some of the finest Mediterranean products but also has a service de restauration, mainly lunch that is heavenly delicious. Picnic baskets (to be enjoyed after your randonée at les calanques) are also available. #worththedetour

Also in Noailles, Maison Empereur, an incontournable of Marseille’s chic marine lifestyle, and the oldest quincaillerie in France! We tend to make a stop at this shop whenever we have to make a significative present to friends that love french classic clothing; such as le bleu de chine, the city’s uniform of dockers and travailleurs that is now so in vogue. Online shop here.

#whatiate this month:  mejadra rice inspired on last year’s trip to Israel (recipe coming in a bit), scones with homemade strawberry and basil jam, strawberries nicecream and more.

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing, however, it’s also a specific moment in life where our bodies and our skin are subject to so much pressure and hormonal changes. Masque de grossesse (mask of pregnancy), is one of those things that can happen if we don’t wear proper sun protection when exposing to mighty Roi Soleil. I have found mon bonheur in the form of daylily´s Creme Radieuse, which is a 50SPF sunblock especially developed for pregnant women.

In Paris, pastry chef Yann Couvreur just opened his namesake pâtisserie, if I were you, and I was in Paris, I would be running towards his bakery shop to indulge in some of the most exquisite and utterly pretty creations  #justsaying

I am a sucker for Youtube food videos, during May I spent insane amounts of time watching vegan vloggers, some of my new findings are JessBeautician, JennyMustard, and Hotforfood. What are your fave food vlogers?

My husband’s best friend (from preschool!) turned 40 this past month. Regis indulged his bff (and 50 of his closest pals) with a fantastic Castel gâteau, a favorite of Marseille & Aix-en-Provence’s locals. The cake is a bomb (both in flavor and heaviness) made of dacquoise biscuit, praliné and chocolate. Our friend Betty and myself assisted as my hubs’ commis, so let me know if you would like to see the recipe posted in the blog.

Another great find this month was Le cabanon, a éphémère restaurant (summer season only) located at the corniche of Sausset-les-pins. With a lovely and cozy beachy french slash Moroccan decor, and a cuisine that highlights local and/or seasonal produces, this picturesque seaside cabin made its way to our heart. Food, vibe, decor, service and that view of our beloved Côte Bleue makes it the perfect restaurant for a casual date with your loved one or friends. #coupdecoeur

Handmade baby clothing is the cutest thing on Earth. MIL spoiled us with a massive amount of baby outfits, mostly in blue. ;)

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