Apr 30 2016

by Heidi Leon Monges

Eating out: Mexican Cooking class at Casa Jacaranda, Mexico City

Last time we were in Mexico, my friend JorgeFitz called and said: I want Regis and you to come to DF and spend a weekend at our  casa in La Roma neighborhood (their casa dates back from 1913!), he also added they (he & his hubby Alberto) were “slowly cooking” something very special and they wanted us to try and test that super secret project.

Today Casa Jacaranda, the cooking classes, are a reality, and I would go even further saying in short time it has become one of the most sought-after and respected food-related experiences in Mexico city offered by Mexicans, which of course, if you ask me, makes a whole difference, not because foreigners offering food tours or cooking classes aren’t as talented as my friends, but in my opinion, one of the main goals in traveling is to mingle with locals and discover their culture while having fun at it. You won’t be disappointed by Jorge & Beto. It will be muy sabroso (tasty) and divertido (fun).

Either if you are a connoisseur on Mexican cuisine or  a newbie, the cooking experience at Casa Jacaranda will surprise you with easy to replicate family recipes, because what’s the point in learning something that you can not prepare once you’re back at home?. During our stay at fantastic Casa Jacaranda, we prepared Jorge’s fish ceviche over chalupas as entrée (which was totally different from the ceviches I serve at home, his ceviche is marinated in orange juice instead of lime juice, he also adds green olives, making it bit sweeter and more refined than usual), followed by one of Mexico’s most representative dishes: mole which we accompanied with Arroz Rojo (the mole was spot on) As dessert, we made Flan, using Beto´s great auntie’s recipe (my Tequila flan is also a good contender.)

It was an AWESOME meal. One that we keep coming back to when remembering our good times while having holidays in Mexico City. The food was super fresh, most of the ingredients are outsourced at their local market, Mercado de Medellín, where we made several stops to drink jugos, buy all sorts of tropical fruits, and colorful flower bouquets. As for what we cooked, our teachers gracefully walked us through the traditional cooking techniques like in Mole where all the ingredients are ground à la ancienne), while also sharing insightful historical information about the how and why of x or y dish (something that I find extremely useful for travelers discovering Mexican cuisine). All the dishes we proudly prepared were balanced, sometimes a bit sour-y but without being overpowering (like in the ceviche),  or sometimes spicy (as in mole, because there is no such thing as a non-spicy mole), but always delicious, always au point, always authentic Mexican.

And that terrace under the Jacaranda tree?. Probably my favorite place in Mexico City.


The Casa Jacaranda experience starts at 9:00 am until 4:30(ish) pm.

This includes: walk tour to Medellín Market or any other market in La Roma area where you will buy fresh ingredients, followed by the cooking class itself; to later on enjoy a lovely lunch under the Jacaranda tree (if weather allows it).

Cost >> 167 USD x person. Check other modalities on their website. Prices may vary.

Cost per friend >> 37 USD (includes lunch only, 2 friends maximum per class)

Online Bookings here 

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  1. He leido vuestro articulo con mucha atecion y me ha parecido interesente ademas de claro en su contenido. No dejeis de cuidar esta web es bueno.

  2. Cathy says:

    Absolutely love your photos, very pretty!

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