Nov 11 2015

by Heidi Leon Monges

October favorites

October started on a happy note, my niece A.M. was born on the first week of the month, although I’m already the proud auntie of two other adorable niece and nephew, the welcoming of a newborn baby girl in the family is with no doubt the happiest news I received lately. Also, I´m so proud of my sister F. who decided to give birth at her home with no other assistance than her doula, two extra loving and supportive friends, and obvs, her hubby. #sistapower

October bests

I made some killer chocolate cookies thanks to french Youtuber and blogger  HervéCusine´s recipe. I love his channel and enjoy so much his videos since the recipes are very well explained. Btw, he just published his first cookbook!. (vids and book only available en Français)

La boite a sardine, a fun, hip restaurant that as its name suggest is based around seafood. We had as a starter the ultra famous beignets d’ anemones  which are truly amazing, is like having a crunchy version of salty Mediterranean sea in your mouth, so basically they taste like french summer. ;)

We spent our weekends and sunny days harvesting olives at my husband’s grandmother parcel. End of January we will receive the fruit of our work in the form of Olive oil from “our” garden, how great is that?

I recently wrote  my first beauty post, a very personal article where I share why I decided to include this section on the blog. I’m also posting some extra tidbits on Instagram (like my Cocooning Sunday skin care routine )  if you want to join me there.

Free polaroid-like prints of your Instagram feed? Oui, c’est possible par ici.

Pumpkin soup. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin everything!

Margaritas, Corona beers, Cal- Mex/ Tex-Mex inspired finger food at Sofitel’s Marseille Viva Dante party conceived and hosted by AnaisetPedro. Music by les girlsontherocks.

Now that days are shorter, we like to watch a night movie or tv serie via french Netflix. We started with Narcos (gosh, that Pablo Escobar was really crazy, right?), then continued with Bloodline (this serie did catch my attention) and we’re now into Breaking Down. I know we’re so behind!. I so want to see Maïwenn’s Mon roi movie (in the cinema).

Did October treat you nicely? ;)

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