Oct 08 2015

by Heidi Leon Monges

Let’s talk Beauty

A few months back I mentioned in my Instagram my desire to launch a new section devoted to Beauty and Wellness, in said articles I would write reviews, tips and (not-so-profound) reflections on today’s skin care, makeup  and well-being techniques and products , either deluxe or niche, traditional or alternative brands. Haute couture or petit prix, organic or vegan.

Today I want to talk about the motivations that made me take this decision. I know by your comments in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, that most of you are as excited as I am to start this lifestyle articles to make AromasnSabores fuller with choices, you know richer. :) So why I am doing this? Well, actually is a long story.

Last year I turned 40 years old. Yes. And you know what? IT HURT, not so much physically but emotionally. I was not ready to turn 40 yet, because, I don’t feel old or mature enough as I always believed a forty-something woman would look, that is, like 6-years-old Heidi perceived her 40 something Mom looked, behaved and dressed; and although my Mom has always dressed in style and has always been coquette, in my memories, she looked like a Mom, and I am not there yet, so I still feel very disassociated to the old nonsense idea of what a woman of certain age must look and behave.

During those anguish days before my birthday, there were many questions that popped the surface, from deeper existential ones: Can I, at my age, get pregnant? for example, to everyday beauty and fitness concerns: do I like my age? do I look older? should I cut my hair above my elbows? should I stop using short clothing? is my make-up still in vogue?, or why do I feel so tired? why am I so bloated? why do I feel like I am going through the troubles of teenage years acne included, although this time is called Adult Acne? Is that a wrinkle? OMFG, is that a gray hair? I now have a muffin top?.

To these concerns let’s add the expat factor. For the last 8 years, due to my husband’s (awesome) job, we’ve lived in New York, Shanghai, Macau, and Marrakech, to mention a few. Each move, each country, has marked us. From the inside to the outside. I have learned so many valuable concepts about living and embracing different cultures, that yes, clichés aside, I #feeltrulyblessed, ;) but with each of these wonderful experiences, I also encountered internal problems about adjusting to those new environments, as in culture but also as in simple things as weather.

With every new living destination, you become a wiser person (I hope), but also, in the name of that cultural integration, you lose a bit of yourself. Sometimes is as simple as a food adjustment or substitution, you change your daily cup of joe for a soothing Oolong cha  (I still remember when finding a decent coffee in Shanghai during 2007 felt like an expedition), to others, like learning to adjust your everyday according to heat waves in extremely humid South East Asia or terribly dry Morocco.Those external adjustments have been some sort of easy-peasy, they are part of the expected rite de passage of every expat.

Nonetheless, my skin (face and body) did suffer from all those expatriations, and although I tried to cope with them, I never looked deep down the roots until I turned 40 (you see, positive things happen when you get older!), and I realized, yes I have changed, I do not look as in my twenties or thirties, but I am in charge of how I look and feel today and how I want to look and feel tomorrow.  Today, I am in a better and brighter place, those extra kilos and wrinkles are part of a new type of beautiness you develop with age, the wise and rested beauty that comes from experience. Is not fresh but is definitely more zen.

After I embraced my age, I started to do some research on what was new in beauty and wellness territory, because yes, there is a new whole universe of trends, products, techniques, brands and lifestyles that I was not aware of. That quest for innovations in soins de beauté and  cosmetique provoked this need to share my still-very-newish knowledge with you all, and since Regis and I are now living in France, the center of Beauty and Luxe with capital B and L, well, it all just fall in its right place.

I really wish you will embrace this other path of my blogging adventures, I am so excited and can’t wait to start sharing with you all the things I have learned, and the beauty products I have been testing. Please, leave a comment in here telling what you will like to see. Be specific about what you are expecting from this Beauty and Wellness section, you will like to discover french niche brands that are available overseas? do you want to see vegan or cruelty-free beauty products? or maybe is a fitness  or skin problem you want us to tackle, whatever is itching, speak out. Let’s get prettier together.!

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