Sep 05 2015

by Heidi Leon Monges

Summer favorites

July August - aromasnsabores favorites

July was spent at Carro, our fishermen town at la Côte Bleue. Whilst August was in between la folie of hectic Marseille and la calme of  out-of-a-french-fairy-tale Luberon. Quite an experience for my first french holiday as a local. :)

How was your Summer?

french county fair favorite treats

Heidi Leon Monges and Regis Monges

I found a new love on Fideua, the cousin of Paella. I never liked fideua until now. Comme quoi on peut changer d’avis dans la vie!

Rediscover the beauty of county fairs and les manèges, there’s something about the kids excitement, the inviting neon signs, the cotton candy, les pommes d’amour, and le chichis marseillais that are so joyous and addictive.

Have you ever tried Colimaçons? Is a tiny earth snail. We tried them as alternative to peanuts during aperitif. Our friend Marc, le boucher Marsellais, gave us his secret recipe: cook the colimaçons in a bouillon with salt, lots of bay leaves, black pepper, a couple of garlics and one Piment d’oiseau (Bird’s eye) chilie. Here is a link to a similar recipe (in French) that I found on internet, (but with sea snails).

I made my first Soupe au Pistou, the quintessential and mythical provençal soup. My husband said my soup was better than his Mom’s! I will share the recipe in a coming post.

Loved to see my fellow #travel blogger Julie Sarperi being interviewed for Envoyé Spécial (french tv), her travels and carnets de traverse are a dream.

We attended so many parties organized by my friend @MarcodeCarro: Tropicana Club vol2, la Fête de Carro, les RDV du Quai , la Journée de la Mer (also known as Fête de la moule - mussels party) where over 900kg of mussels are cooked over a wood fire to then be served with a secret marinade sauce and some frites (french fries), all these enjoyed while the sun sets down, and Marseille’s top djettes girls on the rocks make magic with their tunes.  Hey, Carro is a small town, but we sure know how to party!

Speaking of Marco and his Tropicana pool party, he´s famous for his cocktail skills. He made a right-on-the-spot Amaretto Sour that put everyone in the right (boozy) mood. I think I’ve found my next partner in crime to continue AnS’ famous cocktail collabs. :)

And speaking of our port de pêcheurs, here is a beautiful write-up by Pianocean, an interesting artistic and sailing project.

We meet one of Marseille’s power couple: Anaïs et Pedro, two creatives (wife and husband) that share in their blog their coups de coeur  of the Phocean city. They’re also well known for their party collabs, like Playadredi in summer and Mamadredi in winter at Mama Shelter. If that wasn’t enough, they teamed up with reputed Château La Coste winery to launch their own rosé wine properly named Anaïs&Pedro. #LAfrenchconnection

My first-ever order of Oh My Cream, the acclaimed Parisian concept (and online) store specialized in deluxe, culte, beauty products, came just days before we left for hols.  I am now the happy owner of a proper vanity set for a lady: Pai’s  Rosehip BioRegenerative Oil, Liquid Gold,  Daily Essential Moisturizer with SPF50 both from Alpha H, and Ren’s Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum.  Will write a review about all these products, but let’s just say after a month of daily use I am very satisfied with my purchase, each product is targeted for a specific need for my #sensitive, #redness, #reactive,  combined skin.

Marseille's most succesful bloggers

Simply Melaine visits AromasnSabores

France's top beauty concept store

comite de fetes de carro - RDV du Quai

fete votive de Carro x Patrimoine de Carro

Heidi Leon Monges x Marc Troulier

August in the Luberon involved lots of day visits to medieval towns, provençal markets, brocantes and vide greniers.

During our hols, we discovered some amazing local food (the Luberon is  well known for its diversity). We tried the famous Mont Ventoux’s Porc Apellation d’Origine Controllé (just amazing), Pay de Sault’s raw honeys,  and were indulged with daily fresh eggs and goat cheeses (notably Banon cheese) straight from the farm. Mont Ventoux wines are a nice surprise! Rosés are more complex than your regular rosé de Provence, which makes of them a good choice  to accompany a light meal. Whites were crisp and not sweet.

Picking fresh fruit from wild trees was also part of our daily routine while touring in that beautiful region. We picked wild apricots, blackberries, prunes, apples, and figs. We also spent lots of time making jams and compotes.

There is some extra complicity and solidarity built around friendships abroad, that makes these connections a lifetime adventure. My friend Mélaine, which I met in Marrakech, and her (also) Pastry Chef husband David, they came to spend some days with us. In between meals and drinks we catched up and had great time together. Btw, after working for amazing maisons like Apicius, La civelle Trentemoult, Fauchon and Selman Palais, he just embarked a new adventure next to Chef Blandine Lucas at new restaurant Essentiel in Rennes.Best of lucks David!

EVERYTHING lavender.  Even thought we missed la recolte of fresh lavender flowers, in return, every now and then we enjoyed the scent of fresh lavender being distilled, impregning the air we breathed. We also tried lavender ice cream, lavender nougat, lavender honey and our favorite: the pain d’epices a la lavande. Not to mention we also attended la fête de la lavande. #lavieenlavande

Of course le Luberon  also made it to my beauty routine :). I bought lavender essential oil and lavender hydrolat from organic distillery Arômaplantes, a family business we had the opportunity to visit, and which totally deserves the detour (5 minutes by car from Sault). Other #coupsdecoeur were Savonnerie en Provence‘s Body Milk with organic Lavandin essential oil and coconut oil, a super hydrating and moisturizing body cream, and the Nourishing Cream for Hands, which is made with karité butter, sesame oil and coconut butter (all organic).

My friend Pilar from En mi cocina hoy, gathered a resourceful list of trusted #latino food blogs, and we’re so happy to be included with some of our favorite bloggers pals.

Frenchies are addicted to thalassotherapy, so we drove a bit further to Montbrun-les-bains (technically not le Luberon but La Drôme) to spend one afternoon having some pampering time at les thermes of Valvital.

 Speaking of wines, Vacqueyras , and Beaumes-de-Venise (both AOC) are the new black. If you haven’t, try this not-so-famous-AOC labels,  they are bold, full of ripe red fruit aromas, and best part is they are very affordable…still.

Jesus sauvage such an inspiring gal. She’s a modern wife (her hubby is a tattoer), Mom of two (one of her boys is autistic), and she is so creative. Love her ig as well.

Last photo copyright Marc Troulier

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