Nov 06 2014

by Heidi Leon Monges

October favorites

Such a busy month! Lost of discoveries, visits from afar and new secret garden in Marrakech.


October Favorites

Solo walks in the Mellah neighborhood brought a fantastic Beldi style brekky, which has jumped to my ultimate faves & must-do in the ochre city. Tip: Search for old, small and crowded juice shops serving (aside fresh juices) all-day breakfast fare like khili eggs. While there also ask for msemen, atay & avocado juice.

My friend Daniela Pacheco,  spent some days in Marrakech and it was a great opportunity to revisit some classics like Jemma El Fna at sunset or the quieter and more intimate Bahia palais. During our long walks in the Medina we found Dar Cherifa, one of the oldests homes in the medina, now turned riad-hotel- café literaire, devoted to promote arts & culture, their café aux épices & gâteau a l`orange are quite good.

Moroccan bread, , fresh-from-the-super-old-oven in the Kasbah. It doesn’t gets better than this!. Tip: while in the medina, search for beldi hammams (really local hammams, no fancy stuff) and just-by-the-next-door you will find a traditional moroccan oven.

Regis Monges & I celebrated our 5th Wedding anniversary with some friends at the Sunday Brunch of Selman Palais. Everything about that place is eye dropping, from the delicious buffet to those magnificents pure Arabic race horses to *that* swimming pool. Tip: make room for desserts, Chef David Ponge takes classic french gâteaux like Babá au Rhum or Tarte au chocolat to higher levels.

Apparently this month I ate a lot, and not just quantity was abundant but quality as well. I attended a private dinner at NOMAD, where guest Chef Ryan Gordon created a fun menu around Moroccan ingredients & modern cuisine. More on that on the next post.

David Bloch Gallery invited me to witness  the accrochage of their latest personal exhibition by renowned french artist Alëxone Dizac. His work is a masterpiece of shapes, textures, colors & a whole personal Universe that worth the visit; in few years, Dizac’s work has become not just respected but really sought out by art connoisseurs. I was very lucky to spend some time with the artist, he’s a generous, friendly man with an easy smile. (kudos for non arrogant artists, right?)

I was model for a day! During Daniela‘s stay & twisted her arm and ask her for a photo session even though she was on holidays (I know, I´m evil). It was such an exciting and nerve racking experience to pose for Miss Pacheco. I loved our shooting and hopefully you will see those gorgeous pictures soon. Gracias Dani :)

- Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Monges (also) by Daniela Pacheco’s instagram account @danipgg

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