Aug 03 2014

by Heidi Leon Monges


June was a complicated moody month for me. During June we finally felt home in our apartment. There are still things to change or improve but we have learned one important thing during all these expat years: to have tons of patience.

June was a bit of a hazy month for me too. Way too hot days and nights that were spent doing the minimum of physical effort. But was also a month of late evenings spent at our terrace with a glass of rosé on hand.

I turned 40! It was such an emotional, happy- shocking day but at the same time I realized been 40 is plain awesome. I never felt or looked better than now so I am totally embracing this decade with more wisdom than when I was 30. Hubby treated me with lots of presents, a lytchee-framboise gâteau d’anniversaire with our close group of Marrakech friends and more.


The excitement of pre-Ramadan days was so palpable all over Marrakech.  It was my first, so I also joined in this self-induced over joy that comes before the restrictions of the Holy Month.

My friend Serena was in town. She was in Kech for business reasons but we found the time to  chit chat for hours over Moroccan mint tea followed by grilled fish for lunch. It feels great to greet long time friends, specially when you are still the new-kid-in-town; old friends bring a soothing calming effect.

Serena also brought with her Amala. She pampered me with a gift basket of plant based, organic skin care products. I loved them all, they are gentle on the skin and their fragances are so inviting. Superloved their Lip Balm. Check my others skin care & beauty favorites here.

Haircut with super talented and well known Coiffeur des stars Mr. Paul Francois Matraja, Director of Le Salon at La Mamounia Hotel. He recently did Poppy´s  & Cara’s Delevigne gorgeous looks for Poppy´s  marrakchi wedding.

Regis and I went for a lunch at Chez Mado for my bday. Probably the best place in Marrakech for fruits de mer platters, to later have a casual dinner with friends at Le Studio, a favorite of locals & french expats, food is fantastic and prices are so accessible; and as plus Didier & Steeve are the nicest Chef-Maitre d´ duo I have ever met. Write these two restaurants in your Marrakech list and thank me later.

As 40th anniversary present le hubs surprised me with a beautiful, classy and chic diamonds necklace by Marie Alexandre, a fine jewelery label based in Marrakech. Their unique (as in they make just one of each) pieces are displayed at their L’Hivernage shop but also available at Royal Mansour´s boutique.

I was in Marseille for a week. Stayed at our friends DJ T.i.T and his girlfriend Cecile rez de chaussé flat in Centre Ville. It was a fun week with heavy breakfasts, lunches and dinners by their charming terrace. It was also the hottest week ever in Marseille…

Dips in the Mediterranean sea.

Cherries, apricots, peaches, prunes. Kilos and kilos of each. I´ve spent my days making clafoutis, tartes and jams.

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  1. M Carmen de HARO says:

    Heidi elicidades atrasadas yo recie volvi de mis vacaciones en la playa .tengo muchas ganas de conocer Marraquech debe ser una ciudad preciosa el otoño pasado estube en Tetuan y Tanger y me encantaron

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