Jul 01 2014

by Heidi Leon Monges

Photography >>On food, Ramadan and life at the duar, Marrakech

This past Saturday I joined a group of  ladies that got together to bring paniers (food gift baskets) to families in difficulty at one of Marrakech´s many duars (villages*). The idea behind offering these food baskets was to provide with the essentials of what a Marrakchi family needs to prepare and host their “ftour” (the breaking of fast during Ramadan).

It is quite common for Moroccans (and Muslims) to help others, specially those in need  during this  sacred period, since its one of the many premises le Prophète shared as must-do actions during Ramadan, a period where Muslims aside fasting, use this month to uplift their spirits sort of speaking.

When I received  Melaine’s invitation, who belongs to this private group so called “Marrakech au feminin” I immediately said yes. By saying so, I became more and more interested on Ramadan and all its nuances. By accepting this invite, I was happily obliged to seek and find more information about what Moroccans traditionally eat (already working on a post on that) which brings us to the point of this post: food brings us together.

Don’t you think?

What food moment or experience have you shared that brought you closer to a person or a community.?

Who doesn’t remember those school lunches where we made friends, the best friends of our lives over a shared sandwich and a soda.?

How many festivities from other communities have you witnessed where food wasn’t taking an important role of it.?

Food nourishes us. Our bodies and souls.

All these photos were taken with my Iphone4, processed with VSCOcam app and shared on Instagram. If you want to read more about the story behind each photo check my ig stream here.

* In this piece probably the most accurate translation of duar would be slum :(

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  1. Georgina Alvarez says:


    Espero te encuentres súper bien.

    Te escribo porque quiero contarte que estoy llevando una nueva cuenta, se trata de los aceites de oliva Borges, me gustaría saber si podríamos hacer algo, una trivia, una receta, un anuncio.. etc.

    Podemos regalar botellas de aceite para tus lectores, tus seguidores en redes sociales.

    Me encantaría enviarte el boletín y algunas fotos, ojalá te interese para ver si podemos armar algo con esta marca.

    Quedo en espera de tus comentarios.

    Muchas gracias!


  2. rebecca says:

    this is a wonderful post i want to start volunteering in community gardens

    • Heidi Leon Monges says:

      thanks Rebecca, I think the idea of volunteering in community gardens is fantastic, best part about volunteering is when we can teach-share others skill to improve their lives. Awesome, do it girl.!

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