Jun 07 2014

by Heidi Leon Monges

May favorites

Month after month, they are all just passing by so fast that I feel like I haven´t accomplished much of my goals in any front. That includes this  creative space but sometimes you gotta do what you can with what you have (or something like that). I started this fifth month commuting; as pretty much of this 2014 has been. We went from our temporary “home”; that stunning and magnificient La Mamounia  Palace hotel to our humble but lovely and down to earth apartment which we love.

This year I have been packing and unpacking so many times that I think someone should include this activity as an Olympic sport as well, because c´est trop sportif


- Writing and receiving vintage postcards. Gracias Michael William Parker Stainback & Luciano Cano, your postcard is on my bedside table.

- Poppy Delevingne´s outfits for her second wedding in Marrakech. This dress is a dream.

- I learned how to make authentic Moroccan Couscous in the quietness of our home. On a Friday.

- This ipad air video is quite moving. I love how they show in images the beauty  and excitement of traveling. (And yes, there´s a bit of Marrakech in it :) )

- Aperitifs by the terrace. The amount of aperitifs  and spirits available over here are bit limited. I need to learn how to mix Martini in more inventive ways than Martini Soda. Any tips?

- We went for a day visit to Lac Lalla Takerkoust, just 30 minutes from Marrakech. We had a glimpse of what Morocco truly is. Landscape. Mountains. And sand. Can´t wait to discover more of it. In the meantime, if you go to Takerkoust, Le Flouka, maison d´hôtes is a lovely place to stay or eat.

- Mint tea, jus de avocado ( avo  shakes) and espressos with Mandy Sinclair, author of Why Morocco blog .

Now your turn, share your faves with us.

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