Jun 08 2014

by Heidi Leon Monges

Cocktail recipe >> Caipirinhas

We had this Caipis back on the afternoon of December 31th 2013, when I got together with my hubs’ best friend Jean Christophe and his femme  Claire (and one of my best friends too) , to document the process of the dinner they were preparing for us and the rest of our friends for NYE . While Jean was taking care of  lobsters :( and Claire was in between entertaining their lovely daughter and decorating the living room for later, I found myself with a bottle of Cachaça, some limes and you know the saying, right?. If life gives you limes….

Caipirinha (kai-pee-reen-ya) is one of Brazil´s most well known cocktails.  Unfortunately, as it happens with Tequila and Mezcal, good Cachaça aguardiente is hard to find but the beauty of Caipis is that just as with Margaritas or Palomas cocktails, you don´t need to use your fanciest spirit to obtain an awesome drink. In top of that, Capirinhas are mega fresh making them the perfect vessel to fight the summer heat.

I suggest to pair them with something  very salty like we did with these tapenade palmiers, but you can also serve them as a barbecue aperitif.


1 pax

About 1/2 cups of crushed ice

about 2 limes in wedges (seeds  and white part in the center removed)

2 teaspoons turbinado or brown sugar

2 ounces Cachaça

Place lime wedges and turbinado sugar in a glass. With a muddler press down the limes wedges with the sugar to release the limes juices and oils (don´t muddle too much or limes will become bitter). Add the crushed ice (or if you are in lazy mood like I was that day, just use regular ice (but it won´t be as gorgeous as with crushed ice), the cachaça and stir. Enjoy.

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