May 10 2014

by Heidi Leon Monges

Recipe >> Mother’s Day treat, Mexican style : Lime & Mezcal Carlota

No matter if you are five, eighteen or forty four, you will always be her baby and she will always be there for you.

Better than diamonds and specially better than vacuum cleaners (don´t go there, just don´t go) our Moms prefer simple things like hugs, kisses and maybe one sweet treat (or two). My Mom still keeps those handmade letters I wrote for her when a was a little girl. Isn´t that cute?

Let´s, celebrate and honor our Moms. They SO deserve it.

Felicidades Mamis.

Carlota de Limón (lime Charlotte)

yield: 6-8 persons

Carlota or Charlotte in English or French is a sort of iced box cake meaning it needs to be refrigerated overnight  in order to settle. In Mexico this dessert is very popular for several reasons: is so simple to prepare, requieres no special equipment except a good blender and fridge and its main ingredients are limes and condensed milk, both favorites of mexican modern (as in `70s and so on) home cooking.

I grew up eating this hundreds of time, when I was a teenager it was one of the first “specialties” I learned to prepare.


4-6 mexican limes (or the equivalent to 1/4 to 1/2 cup of fresh lime juice)

about 3/4 of 1 can sweetened condensed milk such as La Lechera (adjust to your liking)

3/4 of 1 can evaporated milk

200 gr softened cream cheese (can be substitued by full fat greek yogurt)

1 pinch of fleur de sel

1 1/2 sleeve of Maria style crackers (I used gluten free Maria crackers)

1/2 cup of good quality mezcal or tequila (traditionally is made with rum, so you can totally swap)

lime zest of 2 limes

Squeeze the limes and collect the juice in a plastic cup.

Blend together half of the lime juice, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream cheese until is all homogenized and with a mousse consistency. Taste. Rectify acidity by adding more lime juice or evaporated milk as needed. Blend again. Taste. If you are happy with the results, add the tiny pinch of salt and 1 dash of the liquor you are using. Blend one more time. Set aside.

In a 9×13 inch glass baking dish  arrange one layer of Marias cookies side by side, making sure to cover the whole baking dish surface. With a baking brush give a quick liquor brush to each cookie.

Pour some (about a fifth) of milk mixture over the cookies, spreading with an spatula. Make sure you are covering the whole layer of cookies with a nice but not too thick layer of the creamy mix.

Repeat the cookies and mixture layers until it almost reaches the top of the container. Finish with a lime and milk mix layer. You should  have at least 4 cookies layers and 5 limes and milk mix layers.

Cover with plastic wrap without touching the mixture.

Refrigerate overnight or until set.

To serve cut in small squares. Decorate each square with some fresh lime zest.

This dessert will keep refrigerated for about 4 days.

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  1. Gaby says:

    Hola es lo mismo usar el queso crema a el queso doble crema?

    • Heidi Leon Monges says:

      Hola AnaGaby, la receta indica queso crema del tipo “Philadelphia” para obtener una consistencia untuosa. Ahora no recuerdo si el queso doble crema es el mismo o no que el Philadelphia, pero usando un poco de lógica, si el queso doble crema que deseas usar tiene una consitencia cremosa como el Philadelphia, entonces si, sustitúyelo sin problema.

      Gracias por tu visita :)

  2. Karen Gaignon says:

    That looks delish and beautiful as always :)

  3. Me encantan los postres fríos para el verano, esta versión suena deliciosa.
    En Chile no se conocían las limas cuando yo crecí, pero teníamos una versión similar con limón y otras galletas que en Chile son muy populares: lady fingers.

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