May 04 2014

by Heidi Leon Monges

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As any other Mexican kid I grew up eating aguacates (avocados) next to everything; huevos (eggs), frijoles aguados, refritos o chinitos ( soupy beans or refried beans) toasts, tortas ó tacos de aguacate con sal (avo & salt tacos or tortas) when we just got back from school , sopa aguada (thin angel hair pasta in tomato broth) and as arroz rojo (mexican red rice) topping de rigueur.

Of course the king of all avocados dishes es el guacamole, probably because even with the addition of onions and chilies (the simplest form) or the more common combo of onions, chilies, tomatoes and coriander;  even with all these ingredients the avocado remains the main flavor in this mix. Its substantial texture either you like chunky or smooth-y guac envelopes all the other diced ingredients provoking a little  fiesta once it hits your mouth.

Just like Mexico.

Here´s my family recipe, this time I prefered the tostada as the crunchy recipient to hold & uplift my avocado dip, you can either go this way or serve it as it is alongside fresh corn or flour tortillas, toasted bread (toasted pita bread is awesome with guacamole) or tortilla chips.  Is perfect as la botana (appetizer) for weekend carnes asadas/parrilladas (bbq) but you can also serve it as a garnish with seafood, fish, poultry or meat.


Yield: 6 persons


4 Avocados

the juice of a half lime (add or decrease to your own liking)

1/4 diced white onion

2 diced tomatoes, skins and seeds on

1 or 2 diced serrano or jalapeños chilies (again, to your discretion)

2 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro leaves

Sea salt to taste

- tortilla chips to serve with

Cut the avocados in half and with the help of a knife remove the pit.

Use a spoon to remove the pulp and transfer into  a glass bowl.

Smash the pulp with the help of a fork. If you want a smoothier guacamole repeat & mix well until it becomes creamier. Immediately after add the juice of half a lime (to avoid the oxidation). Add salt. Mix again with a fork or spoon.

Add the white onion,  the diced tomatoes and just about one serrano chilie. Taste. If you want spicier guacamole add more serrano chilie.

Add the chopped cilantro leaves. Mix all gently with a spoon.

Taste and add more salt if needed.

Serve with totopos (tortilla chips).


The best part of tostadas is their crunchiness, so to avoid a soggy guac tostada assemble them à la minute.

1 guacamole recipe (above)

about 12 tostadas (2 per person ratio, I used oven baked corn and prickly pear tostadas, widely available in Mexico)

1 romaine lettuce, chiffonade (or as Mexicans will say: pica la lechuga como para el pozole :))

1/4 sliced onions

200 ml Mexican crema de rancho ( good substitutes: American sour cream, thick Greek yogurt or labne)

200 grs Mexican queso fresco (good substitutes: cottage, chèvre, feta or haloumi)

200 grs queso estilo Oaxaca (sorry, no subs for this! just skip)

4-6 radishes, sliced

cherry tomatoes, in quarters for decoration (optional)

Just serve a generous amount of guacamole over a plain tostada, add a layer of each of the above ingredients to your liking. Eat immediately.

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  1. Rowan Pannier says:

    Hola:) Me llamo Rowan y me encanta esta recita. Yo buscaba por una buena receta por guacamole y esta parece muy rapido y delicioso. Es un buen idea que incluye tostadas con el guacamole. Yo nunca imagino poner el jugo do limon verde para evita la oxidation. Es muy inteligente. Tengo una problema, no sabe donde se compra el queso estilo Oaxaca un Crested Butte, Es muy raro, no? Tu eras cierto que no son buenos substitutes? Gracias por los provechosos consejos.

  2. This post remind me of “tostadas de Guatemala”: which are very thin fried tortillas spread with guacamole or black bean paste or tomato sauce and then garnished with fresh onion rings, parsley and dried salty powdered cheese on the top. Great guacamole.

  3. Conocí las tostadas acá en Texas y ahora nunca faltan en mi cocina. Y el guacamole, uf no hay palabras. Me fascina.

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