Apr 02 2014

by Heidi Leon Monges

March favorites

One more time folding clothes into their tiniest version to hopefully make fit all into a 23 kg suitcase but this time as much as I adore to travel, well, I´m exhausted. You know, I have been literally living in a suitacse for the last 9 months so finally reached my limits. I want a home. Gratefully, we´re in the right direction to that.


Without a home the idea of a kitchen is just a remote memory.

So, how about to share some news and my March faves?


- Just recently I´ve got an invite from the folks of kabinet which is a cool new social site to share your beauty products essentials. You can request an invite on their site and once there follow me :)

- We went on a five day sejour to Marrakesh. I cannot wait to go back. Those alleys, that pinkish tone all over the Medina is just captivating. Oh and the food!

- Regis and I were part of a video about a new cooking school in Mexico city which is located in my favorite neighborhood these days, La Roma. More on the school and the hood soon :)

- Did you see A&S´ blog collaborator Katya on the cover of a Macau magazine? Congrats to her, I´m loving her healthy recipes & instagram feed. Super inspiring chica.

- Speaking of being part of a printed edition, some of these photos were part of an article on Maggie Chiang & Maquette. Thanks Macau Closer.

- In more published work, I finally got my hands on the Agendiario where I contributed with the photography of mexican indigenous women. Super proud of this collab too.

- Almond blossoms + Mimosa bouquets + warmer lazy days in Aix-en-Provence.

Jacaranda trees all over Cuernavaca (my hometown) & Mexico City.

-La playa y la familia. Always.

Now your turn. Share with us this month´s faves.

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  1. Constance says:

    So many friends told me about Marrakech, makes me want to go on holidays…
    Your pictures are so tempting, they are so beautiful !

    I can’t wait to see some more !

  2. sounds like a really busy and eventful last few months!!! looking forward to the latest news (and move) and seeing you soon for more chit chat and our long exchanges on food, art and photography!!

    lots of love xxxx

    @katya that C guide feature was awesome! :)

  3. Aunt Clara says:

    Loved the post. I am not entirely sure it’s a bad thing to live in a suitcase, but then again, I am sure one sees differently when it’s our reality.

    In any case, enjoy your travels, the freedom and the incredible experience.

  4. Oh I love this format of Monthly favorites with wonderful life photos!
    So happy to be on your March Favorites list :)
    Can’t wait to heat where you moving next!

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