Apr 24 2014

by Heidi Leon Monges

Life in Marrakech

You may know, if we are connected on Instagram or Facebook, that we just moved to Marrakech, Morocco. Something that was “on the pipe” for the last couple of months but as you can imagine I prefer to play safe and not share the news until it really happened. My husband is taking over the pastry team of Marrakech´s grande dame.

We first came to Medina al-Ham´rá (the red city),  last month for a short five day visit in a recognition mood. Now that we are here,  I need to pinch my self several times a day to make sure this moment we´re living  is not a dream, because as a matter of fact, I always wanted to discover this exotic land . If that is not exciting enough, the city stole my heart since day one. There is just so much beauty and refinement everywhere my eyes are set, yet this place remains real, alive and humble.

I have tons of belated posts waiting to see the public light: Mexican recipes from the five months I spent in my hometown, tasty collabs with Karen, Jules and Katya. New collaborations regarding beauty, vegan eating, style and fitness. Promise I will post all these goodies as soon as I can find some free time between finding a place where to live, making new connections in the city and another personal project the hubby and I have been working for the last weeks that I will share over here soon (no, is not a baby but some fairy dust on that direction is also bienvenido).

In between, and you know, as a little thank you token for your patience, here some more visuals on the majestic Red City. Some are from my Ig stream while others are from that first recognition visit. If after reading this post and watching these images you feel like you still want more, then don´t forget to check  my IG stream & Facebook page where I am spending more time and sharing some daily insight about my new city, this week I will be sharing  how to make Moroccan mint tea on those channels, hope to see you there.

Shukran. (Thanks in Arab).

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  1. soooo jealous!! hope you settle in soon and looking forward to all the little magical secrets you’ll be sharing on your new hometown! xx

  2. You capture the beauty in the simplest of things. I love that about your photography. Magical!

    Best wishes in your new life out there. Enjoy! Be safe and fairy dust is flying your way.

  3. Pintxo says:

    Quiero que me lleves a uno de tus viajes!!!! :))))

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Can’t wait to see more photos and hear more stories!
    That light is magical!

  5. Que maravilla, uno de los países que deseo visitar algún día.

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