Dec 30 2013

by Heidi Leon Monges

Co+labs – Cocktails with Karen Gaignon: Cherry Gin Martini to celebrate the New Year

We´re hoping you´re getting all glitzy and glam to welcome the new year; and by we, I mean aromas&sabores’ fantastic team of Co+laborators: Daniela, Karen, Juliana, Ashton & Katya. Each one of these wonderful ladies put their heart and time to create something  different and pretty but at the same time practical to improve your everyday life.

We hope you enjoyed it.

This time, to say goodbye to 2013 Karen created a fabulous and sophisticated cocktail: A Cherry Gin Martini, her favorite. Be wary, this is one delish cocktail that goes down like water but that will definitely `spice up´your mood. To balance out this refined number, I made a simple and friendly vegetables crudités plate served with homemade mayo. - Heidi

After the last Co+labs cocktail, the Pimm´s Cup No.1, which is a very summery drink, I wanted something  more serious, classy and festive for this edition. A cocktail that can be enjoyed either for an elegant soirée or at a relaxed brunch party. One thing about this Cherry Gin Martini: it will make a huge difference if you make your own cherry puree (with fresh cherries) but in case you cannot find any, substitute with frozen cherries or go for an organic puree brand. - Karen

Salud. Cheers. Cin Cin. Santé.

For a great 2014!

Cherry Gin Martini

yield: 1 cocktail

3 spoons of cherry puree

3 drops Martini Extra Dry

2.5 oz Gin

Fill up a shaker with ice cubes. Add 3 oz of Martini Extra Dry.

Stir briefly and strain out. Don´t throw the ice cubes away, they will `keep´the taste of the Martini Extra Dry.

Add the gin and the cherry puree.

Stir for 30 seconds and strain into a Martini glass.

Decorate with a frozen cherry.

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  1. I obviously looove the the veggie platter and a jar dressing presentation!

  2. This sounds yummy and sophisticated all at once! All the best to you for 2014! :)

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