Sep 04 2013

by Heidi Leon Monges

Co+labs – Cocktails with Karen Gaignon: Pimms No.1 Cup

One of the things I love about traveling and living abroad is to discover old traditions from other countries . My dearest Karen has been without a doubt one of those persons which is always sharing fun  and interesting stories around wines, cocktails, spirits and cordials. Pimm´s No. 1 Cup is one of those newest additions, I loved not just the cocktail which is made by mixing Pimm´s liqueur with chopped fresh fruits and veggies and carbonated lemonade something I learned is a very british thing to do in summer. – Heidi

This is a perfect and easy cocktail to both impress and have a lovely fun refreshing summer drink! I use to drink Pimm’s by the Thames during warm sunny days (not so often but hey! ;-) ) with friends in the UK where I discovered this cocktail. Pimm’s number 1 is based on Gin, it can be enjoyed on the rocks or as a cocktail like we did. Hope you like it. You can also try Pimm´s mixed with Champagne or sparkling wine which then is called ”Pimm’s Royal Cup”. -Karen

Pimm´s  No. 1 Cup

This is the perfect summer cocktail, it screams alfresco meals or classy picnics. Your call.

1/3 Pimm´s No.1

2/3of Lemonade or Sprite

Mint ice cubes

Chopped fresh strawberries, oranges segments, apples and cucumbers

In a tall glass pour some ice cubes (we went all Nigella Lawson in here and we made our diy very-pinteresting-cute mint cubes, you can totally skip this step and just go for the usual stuff).

Then fill up your glass with  strawberries, orange, cucucmber and apples. Add the lemonade and the Pimm´s No. 1.

Mix gently with a straw.

If you have more friends just do the same on a big jar and it will be a great success!

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