Aug 05 2013

by Heidi Leon Monges

Co+labs // A Macau walk tour + a sweet & sour recipe x Juliana Loh

My friend Juliana Loh is one of the best “rencontres” that has happened in my Macau life. She is one energetic, goal driven lady that always pushed me to obtain my goals. She is also a great food walks partner. A couple of weeks ago (okay, like one month ago) we got together for an early local breakie at one of her fave home-made tofu-noodle shops located in one of the cutests streets that surrounds Sanmalo (the heart of the city). With happy bellies we continued our promenade to later do some antique shopping (you always need a dozen of vintage glasses, right?) and a short stop at an art gallery that was showing some interesting mapping art work by Pedro Besugo, Portuguese designer/painter .

Later that day we worked on my kitch prepping a flavorsome Sweet&Sour dish. I was surprised at how easy is to prepare this famous Asian classic, and as Jules mentions on her site, this dish can be prepared either with pork or chicken. We had it with pork but I am aiming to make this more often with chick.

To get the recipe click here.

Sopa de fitas Ving Kei 荣记豆腐面食

Tofu & noodle shop with more than 50 years doing so.

Highly recommendable:  the silky Tau Fu Hua(Tou Fu Pudding), noodles with XX and cold tofu `milk´. I also loved the super spicy red chilies sauce (I can´t deny my mexican heritage ;-) )

G/F, 47 Rua da Tercena, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro / 果栏街41号

Tel: (853) 28921152



IaoHin Gallery 游衍畫廊

Rua da Tercena No. 39a, Macau 澳門果欄街39-a
Opening hours 11:00 – 19:00 DAILY


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